Entering and Maintaining Transactions

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Entering and Maintaining Transactions

Most likely, this is the activity you will perform most frequently in ACCOUNTS. There are quite a few ways of entering transactions in the program:


Specific Data Entry Windows:


Writing Cheques

Entering Deposits

Entering Credit Card Charges


Entry and Later Payment of Bills:


Entering Bills

Paying Bills


General Data Entry:


Using Register Windows

Entering Journal Entries


Some users will prefer to use the register windows, which are like a paper chequebook register, the vast majority of the time, while others will prefer to use the specific data entry windows, like the one for writing cheques.


Register windows can be used to enter any transaction that affects a balance sheet (Asset, Liability or Fund/Equity) account. So, they can be used in place of the specific data entry windows like the ones for writing cheques. However, if you want to record your bills before they are due, and pay them later, you must use the Entering Bills and Paying Bills options above instead.


Most users will only enter journal entries at the direction of their accountant, or have their accountant make the journal entries themselves.



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