Abundant Bank Deposits

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Abundant Bank Deposits

If you haven't already done so, please first read Overview of Abundant Online Donations, which covers the required setup before your donors can donate via Abundant, and Importing Abundant Online Donations, which covers importing the donation details into DONATION.


Vanco, the processing company that actually processes the Abundant donations, will deposit your donations in daily batches to the bank account that you configured during the initial setup. Each batch has a Batch Number. Vanco will inform your administrator of each batch that is deposited, with the total dollar amount of that batch.


Those batch numbers are also stored along with the donations that are imported via Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Abundant Donations. After you finish a successful import, you will be prompted to generate the bank deposit accounting transactions. They can either be exported for importing into ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks, or printed for manual entry into any bookkeeping program.


Required Setup


Before you can process Abundant bank deposits, you have to do the same configuration steps that are needed for processing bank deposits of cash and cheques etc. in DONATION. Please see Configuring Bank Deposits and make sure you have done all of the steps there. It is particularly important that you fill in names for your accounting program accounts for each donation category that you have set up to be used for Abundant donations.

Confirming, Reporting and Exporting Bank Deposits

To work with the bank deposits based on the Abundant transactions you have imported, use the Maintenance ⇒ Create Bank Deposit ⇒ Abundant Donations menu option. Technically you aren't "creating" a bank deposit - Vanco already did the bank deposit. Rather, you are confirming their amounts, and then reporting on them and/or exporting them for importing into ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks. (If you use a different accounting program, the transaction to manually enter is in the report.)

When you use that menu option, a window such as the following will come up:


If you have used this window before, the Starting Batch Number will show up as one higher than the last batch number that was imported via Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Abundant Donations and also successfully processed in this window. You can change that number if you need to re-process any prior batches of transactions again, for instance to re-export them for your accounting program.


The Deposit to Bank Account and Acct # fields are exactly as in the regular Bank Deposits window for cash and cheques etc. Those fields will be filled in with your last-used values, and have appropriate drop-down lists of recently used values. If you are using ACCOUNTS as your bookkeeping program, and it is installed on the same computer you are running DONATION on, what is in the Deposit to Bank Account drop-down list changes. If possible, the Deposit to Bank Account field will instead be changed to a drop-down list of the usable Bank accounts from ACCOUNTS.


Click Retrieve Batches to retrieve a list of the Abundant batch numbers that are greater than or equal to the entered starting Batch Number. That will normally bring up data as in the following window. (The sample below just shows our own testing data):





Batch totals may occasionally be a negative dollar amount. That would be because they included either refunds or ACH Returns (in the U.S.A.), which get imported as negative dollar donations, to make sure everything balances!


Note: in this sample test data some of the batch numbers are different lengths and the numbers are not in order - that will not happen in your real data.


You will also notice that in the example above, there are two batches for the same date (12/30/2020). For users in the U.S.A., if your Abundant setup allows for ACH donations, the credit and debit card donations completed on a given date will be in one batch, and the ACH donations completed on that date will be in another batch, with a different number.


Your next step is to compare the totals for each batch to the information that was sent to you by Vanco. The totals should all be correct. Assuming they are, check the Correct checkbox for each one that is correct, and then click Save, which will have become enabled (clickable) as soon as you check any of the checkboxes.


You do not have to mark all of them correct at the same time, if for any reason you are only sure about, or only ready to work on, the earlier ones on the list.


Doing the Save will create a record of a bank deposit in DONATION for each batch that you marked as correct, and mark each donation within those batches as being part of that bank deposit.


After the Save, the Save button will be disabled again, and the Report and Export buttons will be enabled.


Clicking Report will print exactly the same sort of bank deposit report that is printed when you create regular bank deposits for cash and cheques etc., with one page of the report for each batch / bank deposit. The only difference is that each page has its batch number in the header. Each page has four sections. The first section shows the details of the donations included in the bank deposit . The second shows the totals by donation category. The third (to the right of the second) shows the totals by Paid By, such as "Abundant Transaction". The fourth shows the summary transaction that will be exported to your accounting program, if you use the Export button, or that can be easily manually entered into any accounting program other than ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks Desktop. You will probably want to print and save that report.


Retrieving Already Saved Batches


If you enter a Starting Batch Number that has already been processed in a previous use of this window, and click Retrieve, all batches with numbers greater than or equal to that Starting number will still be retrieved. The ones that have already been saved will appear with their Correct checkbox already checked, and an Undo button to the right of them.


If for some reason a batch was incorrectly marked as Correct and saved, you can click Undo to allow you to correct that. Clicking Undo will:


1.Delete the bank deposit record from the DONATION database, and

2.Remove the hidden information that marked the donations that were part of that batch as being part of that bank deposit.


It will then be as if that batch had never been marked Correct and saved in this window. That will allow you to re-do that work if necessary.


Exporting your Transaction(s) to a File


Next, as long as you are using either Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS or Intuit QuickBooks Desktop, you can use the Export button to export a file that can be imported into the appropriate program, which will insert one summary transaction for each bank deposit. Those transactions will exactly match the fourth parts of the report mentioned above.


If you have configured that you are using the ACCOUNTS program, and the ACCOUNTS program is installed on the same computer on which you are running DONATION, the export file will be put into the Import subdirectory of the ACCOUNTS program's data directory. (The ACCOUNTS data directory is like DONATION's data directory, but ending in "Cooperstock Software\Accounts" instead of "Cooperstock Software\Donation".) Also, in this case, after the export has completed, you will be given an option to run ACCOUNTS and have it automatically prompt to import the file.


If you have configured that you are using QuickBooks Desktop, or you have configured that you are using ACCOUNTS but ACCOUNTS is not installed on your computer, the export file will be put into the Export subdirectory of DONATION's data directory.


The exported file name will be BankDeposits-YYYY-MM-DD.DB.IIF if you are exporting for QuickBooks Desktop, or BankDeposits-YYYY-MM-DD.DB.S4AIF if you are exporting for ACCOUNTS, where YYYY-MM-DD is today's date. (The ".DB" part will change appropriately if this is for an additional database created with the Database Switch Databases menu option.)


In either case, you will also be given an option to email the exported file (as an attachment) to someone else. This is for the common situation where there is a separation of duties, with one person handling the donations, and another person handling the accounting.


Please see either Importing Bank Deposits into ACCOUNTS or Importing Bank Deposits into QuickBooks to learn how to import the transactions into those programs, and to understand any relevant issues.


For accounting programs other than ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks Desktop, you can just use the details in the fourth part of the details report printed out above with the Report button to enter the bank deposit transaction manually into that program.


In the very unlikely case where you process multiple sets of Abundant bank deposits on the same date, their export file names will be the same, so if your accounting program is on the same computer, be careful to import the first one into your accounting program before you create the 2nd one in DONATION. Otherwise, the 2nd export file will overwrite the 1st export file! (If this does happen, you can get back to the 1st one again by re-retrieving the 1st bank deposit again in this window, as explained below under Correcting Errors in Bank Deposits, then using the Export button again.


Close this window when you are done.


Note: Unlike QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online does not have a facility for importing the sort of export files exported by DONATION, IIF files. So as with any other bookkeeping or accounting program other than DONATION or QuickBooks Desktop, you can just manually enter the printed-out summary transaction for Bank Deposits into QuickBooks Online. There are apparently also 3rd-party programs that allow for the importing of IIF files into QuickBooks Online, but doing that would not be supported by us, because it is not our product!


Correcting Errors in Abundant Bank Deposits


Normally the Total for a batch shown on this window will always equal the total for that batch sent to you by Vanco. It should be an extremely rare for that to not be the case.


DONATION actually stops you from editing the Date, Total Amount, Cheque # / Paid By and Abundant Batch # (if it is displayed) for imported Abundant donations, which should prevent almost all potential problems that could cause the totals not to match in this Bank Deposits window. (You can still edit the Category, Description, and if they are displayed, Eligible Amount and Description of Advantage.)


So the most likely reason for the totals not matching would be if you had deleted an Abundant donation. And the only good reason for doing that would be if it was recorded for the wrong donor. If you realize that that is the case, first, turn on the display of the Abundant Batch # field with the option for that on the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options.


Then you can delete the donation from the original donor - after carefully noting its batch number - and then re-enter it for the new donor, being sure to enter the same batch number for it when you do so.


Also, if Abundant donations were assigned to the wrong donors, that almost certainly means that the two customer IDs imported from Abundant were associated with the wrong donor. Use the IDs button at the right of the various main-window buttons for the donor, to show the Customer IDs window. Copy out the Abundant Account ID and Abundant Customer ID (carefully noting which is which) then delete those rows from that window with the Delete button, and close the window. Go to the donor that those customer IDs should have been associated with, click IDs, and use the New button to add those two IDs back in for that correct donor.


If you use the Abundant administrator website to cancel or refund a donation, either it won't appear in your downloads at all (likely if the cancellation is the same day as the donation) or a separate refund transaction will appear in a later day's batch. So please do not delete any donations from DONATION that have been refunded in Abundant - the imports of subsequent batches will import a negative dollar refund transaction to cancel them. Deleting the donations in DONATION would cause your batch totals to be incorrect!


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