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Frequently Asked Questions about DONATION Software

How do I?

Move the Program from One Computer to Another

Determine which Version of DONATION I have

Look things up in the program's Help file?

Initial Download and Installation

Can I Install on Multiple Computers?

Which Version of the Program should I use?

Which Versions of Windows does it run on, and Which Computers?

Do I need a license key right away?

Can I run it on a computer running Windows 10 S Mode?

Can I run it on a Mac?

Can I run it on a Chromebook?

Purchasing and License Keys

What are the limitations of the evaluation version?

What's the process for getting a license key after I purchase the program?

I've lost my license key, help!

I'm getting the message "License key doesn't correspond to organization name"

Problems Using the Program

I can't get email sending through my Gmail address to work.

I can't get my non-Gmail email address configured for email sending.

For any other questions, please use our normal Support resources.

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