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The Reports Menu

Note that unless specified otherwise, all reports show data only for the current working calendar year in the program, as selected with the Maintenance ⇒ Change Year option.


If you are in a country like the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand and are Using Fiscal Year Data Entry and Receipting, and you are in a year that has been converted to fiscal year data entry, most reports that normally operate on calendar years change to operate on your current fiscal year instead.


There are two ways to select the built-in reports:


with the Report Browser, which allows you to select from a tree of reports, and see descriptions for them before you run them, or

with the Donor, Donation, One Date Donation, Receipt, Category and Fiscal Year sub-menus or menu options of the Reports menu.


Both of these ways include all of the same built-in reports. The Reports Browser is better for learning which reports are available, and what they do, whereas the sub-menus are better for quickly selecting a report when you already know which one you want.


The following links go to Help pages about each of the items on the Reports menu. The pages for the report sub-menus include descriptions for each report (basically the same descriptions that you can see in the Report Browser).


Using the Report Browser

The Reports ⇒ Donor Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ Donation Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ One Date Donation menu option

The Reports ⇒ Bank Deposit Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ Pledge Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ Receipt Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ Category Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ Fiscal Year Sub-Menu

The Reports ⇒ Administrative Sub-Menu

Creating Custom Reports

Memorized Reports


The Donor sub-menu contains reports that are either per-donor, or that show groupings of donors (for example totals by donor categories). They may contain donation information, but they will be totalled by donor.


The Donation sub-menu contains either reports that list individual donations, or that summarize donations by their categories.


The One Date Donation report lists details and/or summary information about the donations entered for just one date and optionally a named Batch Entry.


The Pledge sub-menu contains reports on one or all donors' pledges and payments on those pledges. Varying numbers of reports are shown, and the reports have varying contents, depending on the type of pledging you have selected in the Pledges tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window. And this sub-menu is removed entirely if you have chosen not to display the Annual Pledge field, in the Donor tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options.


The Receipt sub-menu contains reports on receipts that have been issued.


The Category sub-menu contains reports that list your donor and donation categories.


The Fiscal Year sub-menu contains reports based on your fiscal year, if you have set that up to differ from the calendar year, in the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window. If you have not set up a fiscal year, these reports are not available. They are also not available if you are Using Fiscal Year Data Entry and Receipting, and you are in a year that has been converted to fiscal year data entry, because the normal reports are then automatically fiscal year reports, so these are not required.


The Custom Reports option allows you to create simple custom reports by picking columns from lists.


The Memorized Reports option allows you to re-run reports memorized from the report viewer or from Custom Reports (or ones created directly via the Database ⇒ SQL Select menu option).


Note: if you have selected not to show the field Member/Env. # in the Donor Details tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options, several reports on the Reports ⇒ Donor, Donation and Fiscal Year sub-menus that specifically include that field will not be shown, since they are not relevant if you aren't using that field.


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