Revision History - Beta Versions

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Revision History - Beta Versions

This page lists the history of changes and fixes in all pre-release (beta test) versions of the program, prior to the first official release of version 1.00. The changes subsequent to that official release are on the Revision History - Version 1.00 to 2018 and Revision History - Latest Version pages.


Fixes in Version 0.99c (October 31, 2012):


In the register window, if you have changed the current transaction, you right-click to get the popup menu, and pick Print Cheques from that menu, it was not prompting you about whether or not to first save the current transaction. Now it does.

When importing transactions, if there are multiple split lines for the same account in a transaction being imported, they will be merged into one line with the total of the amounts. (Multiple split lines in one transaction for an Asset, Liability or Equity/Fund account would cause the Balance field in the register window to be incorrect, so they are not allowed.)

Added a new menu option Help ⇒ Training Videos on the Web, which goes to the Demos and Samples page on the program's web site. That page has training videos on it that you can watch.


Fixes in Version 0.99b (October 30, 2012):


Fixed a problem in the Network Client version, where if the last-used database does not exist on the server, there was no way to fix that.

Provided more formatting options for cheque printing.


Fixes in Version 0.99 (October 30, 2012):


When using the Save and New button in the window for editing an account, if there were Government Form Lines in the current account before the save, they weren't being cleared.

When saving a sub-account or sub-sub-account of an account that never had sub-accounts before, if the parent account had Government Form Lines, the expected prompt to move those line to the new child account did not appear in some cases, and thus they were not moved.

Made a change to the Database ⇒ Export Chart of Accounts menu option. It now exports files with the file extension .S4AIF instead of .IIF.

Make a number of the reports look nicer, especially when they are showing both account numbers and account names (as determined by a setting in the Maintenance ⇒ Main Options window).

When you are still evaluating the program (until you have paid and have a license key for your organization), all reports now have the following sentence written at the bottom of each page: "Printed with a 60-day evaluation version of ACCOUNTS from".


Fixes in Version 0.98 (October 29, 2012):


When using the register, if you enter a transaction on a bank account, with a Payment amount, the Type "CHECK" or "CHEQUE", and no Number (cheque number) you are now asked whether you want to go back and enter the cheque number, when you try to save it.

The check in the register for a transaction having a duplicate cheque number was happening if you merely tried to open the splits window for that transaction. Now it only happens when you try to save the transaction.

You can now only assign Government Form Lines to accounts with no sub-accounts (the ones you can post transactions to). Charts of accounts that had government form lines assigned to accounts that did have sub-accounts had those ones removed. Also fixed the same thing when creating new charts of accounts using the built-in samples.

Both Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Government Form Amounts and Reports ⇒ Listing ⇒ Chart of Accounts with Government Form Lines used to include accounts that had sub-accounts, now they don't.

Fixed a couple of bugs preventing the Network Client version of the program from using the Backup Restore ⇒ Backup Database menu option successfully.

Made a change to the Database ⇒ Export Chart of Accounts menu option, to make it work properly for PaymentEvolution.

In the windows used to display filenames for the File ⇒ Open menu option and also the Backup/Restore ⇒ Restore Internet Backup menu option, added a horizontal scrollbar when it is needed because you have very long filenames.

Removed the Organization Name 2 field from the Organization Info window, changed the Country/Language field to just be called Country, and removed the two options for Quebec. (The program was not making any adjustments based on being in Quebec, and was never using the Organization Name 2. If it ever does in the future, those fields and options will be put back in.)

When setting up a new organization's database, in the Startup Accounts window, don't allow changing the Sample accounts option from Canada to the U.S.A. if the user picked the Country setting for Canada on the Organization Info window, and don't allow them changing the Sample accounts option from the U.S.A. to Canada if the user picked the Country U.S.A.

Fixed a bug in the window for editing an account: There were two buttons with the same hotkey (underlined letter), Alt-E. Changed "See Existing Accounts" to "See Existing Accounts" to fix that.

Fixed a bug in the following fix in version 0.93: "On the Enter Bills, Write Cheques, Enter Deposits and Credit Card Charges windows, as soon as you enter an Amount in the top section, it is now immediately copied into the Amount field in the first line of the splits section at the bottom (as long as that field is still empty)." That worked, but it didn't immediately update the Total at the bottom of the splits section. Now it does.

Fixed four windows where account numbers were showing along with account names, when "Hide Account Numbers except in Chart of Accounts" was set in the Maintenance ⇒ Main Options window, when they should have been omitted: The title bars of the register window and the two reconciliation windows, and the top section of the register splits window.

When entering cheques on the Write Cheques window, if you blanked out the Transaction Type field, it would be silently filled back in on a Save of the transaction with CHECK or CHEQUE. Now it is left blank as you specified.

When entering Credit Card Charges with that window, a Transaction Type of "CC" (for Credit Card) is now silently filled in. You can see that if you open the register window. Previously it was silently filling in "PAYMT", which could be confusing - were you paying something with the credit card, or were you paying off the credit card bill?

Removed some extraneous wording about receipts from the text on the Evaluation and Licensing window. (It had been copied from the same window in the DONATION program.)

Did a full review and edit of this Help file / manual.


Fixes in Version 0.94 (October 24, 2012):


Added the Database ⇒ Export Chart of Accounts menu option, specifically for exporting it to the payroll program PaymentEvolution.

You are now prevented from changing the Type of an account when editing accounts, if it either is a sub-account, or has sub-accounts.

Fixed a bug when editing Income accounts, where any change would cause an incorrect warning that you were changing the Fund on the account.

When printing cheques, there is now a warning if the number of cheques retrieved does not match the range of cheque numbers you requested. You can then review what has been retrieved and decide what, if anything, needs to be done about that.

After successfully paying a bill from a bank account, where a Cheque # was used, that Cheque # is increased by 1 for a further bill payment, if you choose to make one.

In the register, Write Cheques and Pay Bills window, you are warned if you are using a duplicate cheque number as part of a transaction.

Fixed a bug in the following fix in version 0.93: "On the Enter Bills, Write Cheques, Enter Deposits and Credit Card Charges windows, as soon as you enter an Amount in the top section, it is now immediately copied into the Amount field in the first line of the splits section at the bottom (as long as that field is still empty)." That didn't work if you used the mouse to move to the splits area immediately after entering the Amount; now it does. (It always worked if you Tabbed out of the Amount field.)

Fixed a bug in the Network versions, where you could get a techie error message about "Row Changed between Retrieve and Update" on the SETTINGS table in the database, if two users were using a similar function at the same time.

Fixed a bug in the installation program for the Network Client version, that caused error messages.


Fixes in Version 0.93 (October 22, 2012):


All reports that prompt for a range of dates now default to the start and end of the current fiscal year, if it is different from the calendar year. (Previously it was always the calendar year.) The only exception is if you are within the first month after your fiscal year end, in which case the date ranges in the prompting window default to the previous fiscal year. Also, added Previous Year and Next Year buttons to the prompting window, to change the dates by one year.

Added an special confirmation question if you try to delete an Opening Balances transaction from a register window, and fixed an error if you do delete it and then try to re-enter it with the Actions ⇒ Opening Balances menu option.

When you are entering an Opening Balances transaction for the first time, set the suggested date to be the day before the start of the current fiscal year. (Previously it was set to December 31st of the prior year, which was only likely to be correct if your fiscal and calendar years were the same.)

On the Write Cheques window, added a Transaction Type field (which is always initialized to "CHEQUE" or "CHECK", depending on what country you are in), but which can be changed if you are entering other types of expense transactions on this window. Also, removed the requirement that the Cheque # field be filled in, but required it to be an actual number (not starting with zero) if it is filled in.

On the Pay Bills window, renamed the "Ref #" field to "Cheque #", and required it to be an actual number (not starting with zero) if it is filled in.

On the Enter Bills, Write Cheques, Enter Deposits and Credit Card Charges windows, as soon as you enter an Amount in the top section, it is now immediately copied into the Amount field in the first line of the splits section at the bottom (as long as that field is still empty).

Added two more special keys for changing dates: "F" moves to the start of the current fiscal year, or previous one if it's already on the start; "L" moves to the end of the current fiscal year, or next one if it's already on the end.

Change the uninstaller to warn about not removing the novaPDF printer if you also have Software4Nonprofits DONATION installed, and similarly with removing the Firebird Server (for the Network Server version of ACCOUNTS).

Fixed some problems in the Network Server and Network Client installation programs.


Fixes in Version 0.92b (October 18, 2012):


In the window for editing or creating accounts, replaced the Existing Accounts drop-down list introduced by version 0.92 (which could be confusing, because you might think it was a field you had to enter), with a See Existing Accounts button, that opens up a new area of the window on the right, with a scrolling list of all existing accounts.

Fixed a bug introduced by version 0.92: If you add a new account to the Chart of Accounts, when you save and close the window for adding it, it has indeed been added, but it doesn't appear in the Chart of Accounts window (unless you close and re-open the window).

Fixed a bug introduced by version 0.92: When you use File ⇒ Open to switch databases, it gives an error message and fails (for example on Windows 7), or even crashes the program (for example on Windows XP).


Fixes in Version 0.92 (October 17, 2012):


The Network Versions of ACCOUNTS are now available.

When you use File ⇒ Open to switch databases, it now just shows a simple list of the database files, instead of a standard Windows file open dialog box.

In the window for editing or creating accounts, there is a new Existing Accounts drop-down list, for your reference to help you pick unused account numbers for a new account.

Fixed two problems in relation to using the button to pop up the calendar control on the register window. First, if you clicked the button on a row that was not the current one, and selected a date, that date might not appear in the date field. Second, even if it did appear, if that was the only change on the row, you could then move to another row without the change being saved.

The Enter Bills window now gives a message and closes immediately if you have no Accounts Payable account in your Chart of Accounts. Similarly, Pay Bills won't run if you have no Bank account or Credit Card account, Write Cheques and Enter Deposits close if you have no Bank account, and Credit Card Charges closes if you have no Credit Card account.

Changed the default date in the Write Cheques, Enter Deposits, Credit Card Charges, Pay Bills and Journal Entry windows to be the last-used transaction date, just like in the register window. And changing that date in any of those windows causes a new last-used transaction date to be memorized.

Also changed the Write Cheques, Enter Deposits, Credit Card Charges and Pay Bills windows to include the main account they are working on (the selected Bank or Credit Card account) in the drop-down list of accounts for the split. While it would be an error (which the program gives you a message about and doesn't allow) to actually use that same account in a split row, including it there prevents some possible subtle errors.

Fixed a weird bug in the register window: Enter a transaction with a Sales Tax Code but no Account, click Splits, click Cancel on the splits window, then press Enter to save - you get a techie error message that it can't save it, instead of a proper validation message that there is a line in the splits with no Account specified.

The sample accounts setup for a Canadian non-profit (not a church or charity) erroneously linked a few accounts to the T3010 form used by Canadian charities. That has been fixed.


Fixes in Version 0.91 (October 14, 2012):


When viewing reports, Ctrl+P will now print the report (as well as Alt+P, which worked before).

Fixed a bug in Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Balance Sheet, where fund/equity accounts did not show up at all if there were no explicit transactions against them (only implicit transactions, against income or expense accounts linked to them). That would cause the balance sheet to be unbalanced!

The Enter Deposits, Write Cheques, Credit Card Charges and Enter Bill windows now all don't allow you to use a Fund/Equity account in one of the split rows, which is almost certainly wrong (you should use an income or expense account associated with that fund instead).

Similarly, register windows now check for using both Fund accounts and non-Fund accounts in the same transaction and do not allow that. Only journal entries allow that, but they also warn you strongly against doing so.

Fixed a bug: If you go to Maintenance ⇒ Sales Tax Codes, then for an existing code click the Accounts button, then try to delete a line in the window that comes up with the Delete button, you get an error message and the program crashes.

Fixed a problem when importing accounts from Quicken, where you could get a relatively meaningless error message and the import would fail if you had used the same account or category name as both a top-level name and a sub-account or sub-category name.

Fixed some more typos.


Fixes in Version 0.90 (October 12, 2012):


Revised the main window, adding a number of quick links on the left-hand side, for doing most common types of financial transactions, and a few other common actions.

Added the Actions top-level menu, and moved Journal Entries and Opening Balances from the Maintenance menu to the Actions menu.

Also moved Bill List, Pay Bills and Bill Payment List from the Vendors menu to the Actions menu.

Moved Vendor List from the Vendors menu to the Maintenance menu, and then removed the now-empty Vendors menu.

Added the menu option Actions ⇒ Enter Bills, for entering new bills (the same as using the New button on the Actions ⇒ Bill List window).

Added the menu option Actions Write Cheques for writing cheques directly (i.e. that are not for previously entered bills). Cheques can also be entered directly on a register window.

Added the menu option Actions Enter Deposits for entering bank deposits. They can also be entered directly on a register window.

Added the menu option Actions Credit Card Charges for entering credit card charges. They can also be entered directly on a register window.

Changed Reports ⇒ Listing ⇒ Income and Expense Accounts by Fund to also show which fund accounts (that don't have sub-funds) have no associated income or expense accounts.

You can now enter bills with a negative dollar amount (which represent credit memos from your vendor). You can also use those credit memos to offset bills, when paying a bill.

Changed the accounts that can be used when paying a bill entered for later payment, with Vendors ⇒ Pay Bills, to only be accounts of type Bank or Credit Card.

Removed the toolbar added by version 0.66 - all of its options are now quick links on the main window.

Fixed a bug in the window for creating a new bill, where if you select a Tax Code, which immediately creates some splits rows, the Total at the bottom was not updated.

This version, and version 0.67, both fix a number of small typos in this Help file and in messages that the program gives.

Fixed a bug in register windows, where if you pressed the "+" key in an empty Number field (to get the next available cheque number), it didn't always give the correct number.

Fixed a bug where the program stops responding if any of the special keys for dates, other than "T" for Today, are used in a blank date field.


Fixes in Version 0.67 (October 7, 2012):


Fixed a bug, which may only occur on Windows XP, where resizable windows like the Register window can leave a "shadow" of their pre-resized borders (including their title bar) on the Windows desktop after they are displayed and/or closed.


Fixes in Version 0.66 (October 7, 2012):


Enabled the menu option Reports ⇒ Memorized Reports, for replaying memorized reports, which had been turned off until it could be tested properly.

Added a checkbox option for "Hide Account Numbers except in the Chart of Accounts" in the Maintenance ⇒ Main Options window, that allows you to make account numbers disappear in drop-down lists of accounts, on most reports, etc.

Added a toolbar to the main window, containing the most commonly used or important menu options.

Added Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Income Statement Yr/Yr Comparison, for comparing one year's (or part of a year's) income and expenses to the previous year (or corresponding part of the previous year).

Added a missing Help page on the Vendors menu.

Fixed a bug where the :TRANSACTION_DATE argument that can be used in the Database ⇒ SQL Select menu option was not working.

Fixed a bug where the first time you run the program, the text at the top of the main window, and the two buttons at the bottom of that window, are invisible, or just a white background.

Fixed a problem on register windows, where moving between rows with the up or down arrow keys didn't always work correctly if there were rows for bills or bill payments.

Fixed a bug in the reconciliation summary window where you could not enter a negative Ending Balance for the account, because it treated the field as a date field and entered a date when you typed the minus sign.

Fixed a bug in Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Government Form Amounts, where is there is no matching data, it just shows you a completely blank report, instead of telling you that there is no matching data.


Fixes in Version 0.65 (October 2, 2012):


Added an option to print cheques, via the File ⇒ Print Cheques main menu option, or the right-click menu option Print Cheques in the register window for your bank account(s).

Fixed a bug in the register window, where you could enter more than the maximum 64 characters in the Payee / Description field, and then you would get a somewhat techie error message about it.

Added a warning if you enter leading zeros for a cheque number in a register, because that will prevent the cheques from being printed.

Changed what happens if you change the name of an existing vendor that already has transactions (including bills or bill payments). Previously, all prior transactions would have the vendor name changed. Now, only new transactions will use the new name, with one exception: if you print a previously entered cheque to that vendor, it will use the new name.


Fixes in Version 0.60 (September 30, 2012):


Added the Maintenance ⇒ Opening Balances menu option for entering your opening balances for all accounts, after you have created the chart of accounts in a new installation of ACCOUNTS, or a new database.

Added the ability to set up annual budgets with the Maintenance ⇒ Budgets menu option, and then report on the difference between your actual income and expenses and your budget for any period within one budget year with the Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Budget Comparison report.

Fixed a bug in the register window, where entering an invalid value (such as -1) in the first of the two amount fields, then pressing Tab, crashed the program.

Fixed a resizing problem with the Vendors ⇒ Bill Payment List window.


Fixes in Version 0.50 (September 26, 2012):


Added an accounts payable sub-system, including: the Vendors ⇒ Vendor List menu option for entering vendor details, the Vendors ⇒ Bill List menu option for entering and maintaining outstanding bills, the Vendors ⇒ Pay Bills menu option for paying outstanding bills, and the Vendors ⇒ Bill Payment List menu option for doing any maintenance on previous bill payments.

You don't have to use any of that for paying bills, if you don't want to: you can still just enter them directly on a register window.

The Payee/Description drop-down list on register windows now includes the names of all vendors that you have created with the Vendors ⇒ Vendor List menu option. (They also work if you just start typing their name.)


Fixes in Version 0.32 (September 19, 2012):


Added tracking of all entry, changes, and deletion of transactions in an audit trail, and a new report Reports ⇒ Accountant ⇒ Audit Trail to display the contents of the audit trail.

Fixed an obscure bug that could prevent saving certain types of changes to an existing journal entry, particularly if you have cleared out the fields on an existing line, and then edited or entered further lines below that.


Fixes in Version 0.31 (September 17, 2012):


Added the Database ⇒ Import Transactions menu option and window, for importing transactions exported from other programs. One primary use of this is for importing bank deposit transactions from the Software4Nonprofits DONATION program. (That requires DONATION version 3.44 or higher.)

Throughout the program and this Help file, changed things like "Ctrl-C" to read "Ctrl+C". Both mean that you hold down Ctrl and press C.

Fixed a bug where you get a techie error message after failing to enter the program, if you put in the wrong program entry password 3 times.

Fixed a bug where if you try to delete two accounts in a row (or, one below another one) on the Chart of Accounts window, you get a techie error message.

Fixed two tiny bugs in the Maintenance ⇒ Journal Entries window: if there were no journal entries, and you created one or more with the New button, the Edit button wouldn't become enabled (to edit the ones you just created) until you closed and then re-opened this window. Also, if you deleted the last journal entry, the Edit button stayed enabled when it should have been disabled.


Fixes in Version 0.30 (September 7, 2012):


In the initial setup of a new database (or first-time setup of the program) added the options to import a chart of accounts from QuickBooks, Quicken, or Simply Accounting / Sage 50 Canadian Edition.

In the register windows, the Payee / Description is now a drop-down list, showing all previous values in that field in the same account's register. You can also just start typing a previous value, and it will come up.

In the register windows, fixed a bug that let you leave the Payee / Description field empty by just entering one or more spaces.

In the window for editing sales tax accounts, fixed a bug where if you only change the Account on an existing row, the Save and Cancel buttons don't become active.

Fixed a bug where you are trying to restore a backup over a completely empty database (for example on first setup of the program, if you have a backup from another computer), but it won't do so.

In the Accounting Concepts help page, provided links to a series of quite good articles on understanding fund accounting, written by a competitor but published on a public website.


Fixes in Version 0.26c (August 28, 2012):


Added Reports ⇒ Banking ⇒ Prior Reconciliation, which shows the details of one reconciliation that you have done. You are prompted for whether you want to run that report after you click Finished on a reconciliation details window, but you can also run it separately, and select the account and statement ending date you want to run it for.

In the reconciliation details window, there is now a "Show unreconciled transactions after the Statement Ending Date" checkbox, to control whether or not it does that.

The reconciliation details window is now resizable (vertically, to show more or fewer transactions, but not horizontally).

Made the "Clr" field in the Register windows non-editable, since it should now only be edited by doing proper reconciliations.

Fixed a bug: changes to the Country/Language field in the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window were ignored, and not saved, if they were made any time after your initial setup of a new database.

Fixed the use of the word "cheque" for users whose Country/Language setting was U.S.A. (It changes to "check" for them.)


Fixes in Version 0.26b (August 24, 2012):


In the reconciliation details window, you can now use the Enter key, as well as the previously available space bar, to toggle whether or not the current transaction row is reconciled, and move down to the next row. (You can also still do that by clicking on the row with your mouse.)


Fixes in Version 0.26 (August 24, 2012):


Added reconciliations for bank and credit card accounts (actually, any Asset or Liability accounts). You can do this via a button on the main window, or Ctrl+R or a right-click menu option on a register window.

A register window for an account that doesn't yet have any transactions in it now shows enough blank rows to fill the window, rather than just one blank row.

Fixed a small bug where if you change the Sales Tax Code in the register window, and then don't save the changes to that row, that change stays on the row rather than being undone.

Added checks to prevent the unlikely case where transactions (entered via register windows, with or without splits, or as journal entries) could include two split rows for the same asset, liability or fund/equity account. That would be a problem, because it would cause the displayed balances in the register for that account to be incorrect.


Fixes in Version 0.25c (August 16, 2012):


When requesting license keys from the Evaluation and Licensing window, it now handles accented characters correctly.

Fixed a problem where single quotes / apostrophes in the File Name field when creating a new database cause many error messages, and then that database can't be re-opened (it prompts with a "Firebird ODBC" window). Single quotes in the File Name now work fine.

When you go to Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration, or Backup/Restore ⇒ Email Backup for the first time, when you have not previously configured your email settings, the program will take them from the Email Sending Configuration in the Software4Nonprofits DONATION program, if that program is also installed.


Fixes in Version 0.25b (August 14, 2012):


The installation program was putting the file CanadaCharity.csv, which defines the sample chart of accounts for a charity in Canada, into the main program folder, instead of the Samples folder under that main program folder where it should have gone. As a result, you could not create a new database with that sample chart of accounts. That is now fixed.


Fixes in Version 0.25 (August 13, 2012):


Added special handling for sales taxes. You set up Sales Tax Codes with the Maintenance ⇒ Sales Tax Codes window (and a popup Accounts window accessed from it), and then can use those Tax Codes in a new field in the register windows, to do automatic splits into a specified transaction account, and pre-specified tax accounts. (See also Handling Sales Taxes for more details.)

Fixed an error in an invisible database structure change performed by version 0.24, which affected existing databases (but not new ones).


Fixes in Version 0.24 (August 10, 2012):


When you are creating a new database (on first startup of the program, or with the File ⇒ New Database menu option) there is a new window that comes up that gives you choices about what chart of accounts to start with, including options for starting with a suggested sample chart of accounts for your type of organization and country etc.

Added a new menu option Maintenance ⇒ Government Forms, which is used to specify the names of government forms. You can later associate lines on those forms with specific accounts on your chart of accounts, when editing individual accounts.

The window for editing individual accounts now displays any government form lines associated with that account, and has an Edit button to go to a new window for adding to or editing the government form lines associated with that account.

Added Reports ⇒ Listing ⇒ Chart of Accounts with Government Form Lines, which lists your entire chart of accounts, with any associated government form lines associated with each account also displayed.

Added Reports ⇒ Summary ⇒ Government Form Amounts, which lists all accounts that are attached to government form lines for one selected form and a specified range of dates, with their balances, by lines of the form.

Fixed a bug when entering transactions on a register window, where if you filled everything in except the Account, and pressed Enter (or otherwise tried to save or move off the current transaction row) you would get a techie error message.

On the register window for funds, added a hyperlink on the implicit balance amount at the bottom right, which pops up a message if you click on it, offering to show the Help topic that explains the implicit balance concept.

Fixed a bug where if you are on a register window, and have not yet filled in the Account, then you open the Splits window, and fill in only one split row, and click OK, the account you entered for that split row is not transferred to the Account field on that register row. Then as a result, you can't save that transaction.

Made the report-viewing window resizable, and not initially maximized.

In the installation program, don't allow the user to use the Windows Desktop as the installation directory, because that scatters all of the program's files over the Desktop.

When restoring a backup on top of an existing database, the program used to stored the current version of the database (the one you are about to replace) as the database name with its file extension ".S4A" replaced by ".PREVIOUS". Now that previous version is stored in a Temp subdirectory of the database directory, rather than the database directory itself.


Fixes in Version 0.23 (July 25, 2012):


Added an option in the Startup Options window to restore an Internet backup made previously on another computer (or the same computer, if it was rebuilt etc.). To do this, you need to have the Unique ID for Internet backups, and the backup encryption password you used for Internet backups.

On the File menu, renamed New to New Database and Open to Open Database, for clarity.

Changed the File ⇒ New Database menu option to always go to the Startup Options window, which then allows you to create a genuinely new database, or just one that is new to your computer (by restoring it from a regular, email or Internet backup).

Fixed a bug in Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database, where it would not do Internet backups after the regular backup, and whether or not Internet backups had been configured, there was an error message about "Error Updating Database".

Fixed a bug that prevented it from restoring emailed or Internet backups successfully.

Fixed certain cases when restoring any type of backup, where it wouldn't properly warn you if you were trying to restore an older database on top of a newer one.

On versions of Windows prior to Windows 7, the new popup calendar was a bit too short, so the last line of dates was partly cut off. Fixed that.


Fixes in Version 0.22d (July 23, 2012):


Switched to a different appearance for the register window, with lighter-coloured borders around each field (except on the current highlighted row), and alternating green and white for entire two-line transactions, instead of green for the first line within each transaction, and white for the 2nd line within that transaction.

Added a right-click menu of options in the register window, including previously unavailable features for Copy, Cut and Paste Transactions, and Go to Date.

On any Register, Register Splits, or Journal Entry window, the Account drop-down list now includes "<Add New>", which pops up a window for entering a new account to use in the current transaction that you are editing.

Fix a subtle bug that could cause accounts to be slightly out of order in some places, like drop-down lists for transactions, or Reports ⇒ Listing ⇒ Chart of Accounts. (This only happened if you had "Show hidden accounts" unchecked in the Maintenance ⇒ Chart of Accounts window, and there were hidden accounts, when you were making changes via that window.)


Fixes in Version 0.22c (July 12, 2012):


Fixed a problem where both reports under Reports ⇒ Accountant could be too wide on some printers, so one digit at the right got cut off and possibly printed on a 2nd page (or a 2nd blank page could be printed).

Fixed a problem in the summary section at the bottom of Reports ⇒ Fund ⇒ Income Statement, which also comprises the main body of Reports ⇒ Fund ⇒ Summaries, where large amounts (like $10,000,000.00) got cut off on the left because the field for the numbers was too narrow.

Fixed a bug introduced by version 0.22b: The Splits and Delete buttons on the register window had disappeared.

When saving a journal entry, or a transaction in a register window or register splits window, if the transaction included (or was on a register for) an asset account, and also included a fund/equity account, warn that more likely an income or expense account associated with that fund should have been used, and give an option to stop and correct that.


Fixes in Version 0.22b (July 11, 2012):


Added the Reports ⇒ Accountant ⇒ Transaction Details report, which lists all transactions, with their splits (shows as debits and credits), for a specified date range.

In the Reports ⇒ Listing ⇒ Chart of Accounts report, added an Associated Fund column, which for Income and Expense accounts shows which fund/equity account they are associated with (add to the implicit balance of).

Added the Reports ⇒ Listing ⇒ Income and Expense Accounts by Fund report, which lists your income and expense accounts, grouped by which fund/equity account they are associated with.

Added a warning, when setting up accounts with Maintenance ⇒ Chart of Accounts, if you set up a fund/equity account without setting up associated income and expense accounts for the fund (which is what you should normally post transactions to, not to the fund account itself).

Fixed a bug in the register windows, where clicking on the drop-down for the Account field in an existing transaction dropped down the list, but the currently selected account was not highlighted or scrolled to on that list. (It just showed the top accounts in the list.)

Fixed a problem in register windows, register splits windows, and journal entry windows, where if an account had been used in a transaction, then changed to be a hidden account, the name of that account would not show up in the Account drop-down list, and instead an apparently meaningless number would appear there.

Fixed a bug where you could not open a database backup (regular or emailed) by double-clicking on it. All that happened is that your current ACCOUNTS database opened.


Fixes in Version 0.22 (July 8, 2012):


Added a display of all balance sheet accounts on the program's main window. From there, you can display the new Register windows for those accounts for entry of transactions. Also added a Splits window for entries made with the register that affect more than one other account.

Improved the section at the bottom of each fund's page(s), in the Fund Income Statement report, to also show direct transfers into or out of the fund (the report could have been unbalanced because that was missing), and to also repeat the Net Income for the fund in that section, for clarity.

Added Reports ⇒ Fund ⇒ Summaries that just shows that summary section from the Fund Income Statement report, for each fund.

Fixed a bug, where the Delete button on the Maintenance ⇒ Journal Entries window didn't work (it gave a techie error message).


Fixes in Version 0.21b (June 28, 2012):


Added a section at the bottom of each fund's page(s), in the Fund Income Statement report, with the starting and ending balances in that fund for the selected period.


Fixes in Version 0.21 (June 28, 2012):


Added 5 reports: a Chart of Accounts, a consolidated Income Statement and Balance Sheet, an Income Statement split out by Fund, and a Trial Balance. All are available from the Reports menu options, or the Report Browser.

Split the Save button in the Add Account / Edit Account window into two buttons, "Save and New", and "Save and Close". The former saves the current change, then clears the window for you to add another account. The latter saves the current change, then closes the window and goes back to the Edit Chart of Accounts window.


Fixes in Version 0.20f (June 26, 2012):


Fixed a crash in the program towards the end of the Setup Storage action in the Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Frequency and Options window.


Fixes in Version 0.20e (June 23, 2012):


Fixed a problem, when you set up to use 5-digit account numbers, that it would not let you save accounts with numbers greater than about 32000 (and thus, it wouldn't let you set up either Income/Revenue or Expense accounts. (You got a confusing error message saying that they had to be 5 digits, when they were, or that they had to be within a range, like 50000 to 59999 for Expense accounts, when they were!)


Fixes in Version 0.20d (June 21, 2012):


Fixed some bugs when editing your chart of accounts that could lead to problems with the nesting structure of parent and sub-accounts.

Fixed some visual problems, when returning from the Journal Entries or Chart of Accounts windows to the main window: the main window might have odd lines left on it, or not get back the focus (so you had to click on it before you could do anything, like make another menu choice).


Fixes in Version 0.20c (June 21, 2012):


Fixed a couple of bugs in the initial setup of a new database: In the Main Options window, the default Initial General Fund account number showed up as 30000 instead of 3000, and if you pressed Cancel in that window instead of OK, when it then proceeded to show you the Edit Chart of Accounts window, you couldn't add new accounts, because it said they had to be 0 digits long!


Fixes in Version 0.20b (June 21, 2012):


Registrations done with Tools ⇒ Register Online now go to a different web page than registrations from DONATION, so it can know they are registrations for the ACCOUNTS program.


Fixes in Version 0.20 (June 21, 2012):


This is the initial very early testing version of the program. The only real accounting features supported in it are maintaining the chart of accounts, with Maintenance ⇒ Chart of Accounts, and entering journal entries with Maintenance ⇒ Journal Entries.

The non-accounting features supported in this version include creating new databases for additional organizations, opening databases, backups and restores, etc.


See Also: Revision History - Version 1.00 to 2018 and Revision History - Latest Version

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