Revision History 2011 to 2014

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Revision History 2011 to 2014

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Version 3.67c (December 27, 2014):


Fixed a minor problem in the installation program, when it was being used to update a version prior to 3.66, it gave a long message that was all one long paragraph, rather than being nicely formatted.

Version 3.67b (December 26, 2014):


Fixed a problem where if you used the Database ⇒ Delete All Data menu option, it didn't reload your mail-merge letters and receipts (and any memorized reports) back into the database afterwards, so you got error messages if you tried to use them. Also fixed any other situations where the mail-merge letters and receipts were missing from the database.


Version 3.67 (December 22, 2014):


Added the new Letters ⇒ Email Newsletters menu option, for emailing a fixed PDF file (usually a newsletter) to all donors, with an option for filtering the donors to select which ones it goes to.

In the Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Mailing Labels, Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Mailing Labels with Member/Envelope # and Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Envelopes mailing label and envelope reports, added a checkbox for "Skip donors with email addresses". This allows you to mail out newsletters by postal mail to those donors to whom you could not email them with Letters ⇒ Email Newsletters, because they have no email address recorded in the program.


Version 3.66d (December 15, 2014):


Fixed a bug where Reports ⇒ Bank Deposit ⇒ One Deposit Details could sometimes show only the headings but no data for the final part of it, the Transaction for the Accounting Program. Also, redesigned that sub-report for the transaction for the accounting program to be clearer, with separate columns for the deposit amount (the bank account) and the split amounts.

Fixed a bug for brand-new installations, which also occurred if you created a new empty database with the Database ⇒ Switch Databases menu option, where the letters were not imported into the database until you had exited DONATION and then started it once more.


Version 3.66c (December 11, 2014):


Fixed a bug in the mail-merge editor where the Insert ⇒ Logo Image and Insert ⇒ Signature Image menu options could in some cases end up doing nothing.


Version 3.66b (December 3, 2014):


Fixed a bug where trying to email Gift in Kind receipts for either of the Quebec styles (as set in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window) caused the program to give an error message and exit. (This didn't happen with the mail-merge version of the receipts, only regular ones.)

Made some improvements to the Help page Move the Program from One Computer to Another, relevant to the changes in version 3.66.


Version 3.66 (November 30, 2014):


Mail merge letters and receipts are now primarily stored in the database, rather than in separate HTML files on your hard drive, so they no longer have to be backed up and restored separately. The first time this version (or any subsequent version) is run when you have previously been using version 3.65 or earlier, all template letters and receipts are picked up from your hard drive and inserted into the database. If you are using DONATION on multiple computers, this is done on each computer, though only newer documents are updated when a given one is already present in the database. This does also mean that template letters and receipts are specific to each database, if you are switching databases.

Memorized reports are now stored in the database, rather than in separate files on your hard drive, so they no longer have to be backed up and restored separately. The first time this version (or any subsequent version) is run when you have previously been using version 3.65 or earlier, all memorized reports are picked up from your hard drive and inserted into the database. If you are using DONATION on multiple computers, this is done on each computer, though only newer reports are updated when a given report is already present in the database. This does also mean that memorized reports are specific to each database, if you are switching databases.

Some changes in the way the Letters One Letter window and Letters Mass Mailing window display, and the Reports Memorized Reports window displays, were made in association with the above two points.

In the Reports Memorized Reports window, added a Delete button to delete reports that are no longer needed.

When importing the Donor Category 1 or Category 2 values in the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors menu option, previously the values had to match an existing value that you had entered via the Maintenance ⇒ Donor Category 1 or Donor Category 2 menu options respectively, case-sensitive. (So if you had a category value "Member" in the program, and tried to import the value "MEMBER", it would fail, with an error message.) Now that look-up is case-insensitive, so that example would import successfully. In addition, the values to be imported no longer have to already be there - they will be added if necessary.

The importing of data from Membership Plus now imports all years of donations in the Membership Plus database, not just the latest two years of data as it previously did.

Fixed problems in the versions of the template mail-merge receipts distributed with version 3.64 of DONATION, for Canada (English), both regular and for gifts in kind, and in the one for Quebec (bilingual), the gift in kind version only. The problem was that if you edited and saved them, and then did merges with them, some problems would occur, including ending up with "FIELD ENDIF IS MISSING" printed on the receipts.

Fixed a small bug where the Help buttons in two windows related to emailing receipts and statements went to the Introduction help page instead of the correct page.

In the window for reviewing data before either a mass mailing or import of various types of data, changed the OK button to read Merge or Import as appropriate, for clarity. Also, in that same window, clicking the "X" at the top right of the window or pressing Alt-F4 to close it, rather than clicking Merge or Import, now cancels it just like clicking the Cancel button. (Previously they did the same thing as the former OK button!)


Version 3.65 (October 9, 2014):


Both Importing Donors and Importing Donations now allow for importing CSV (comma-separated value) files, in addition to the previously allowed Excel and tab-separated text files.

In both the Letters ⇒ One Letter and Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing menu options, when you use the Browse button it now has an option to load Microsoft Word's new .docx file format as well as the older .doc file format.

The installation program for the Network Client version now has clearer instructions, and clear error messages for problems, on the screen for specifying the computer name that the Network Server version is running on, and the path to the database file.

Occasionally the program fails to start because a user has moved either the program's data directory or the "Cooperstock Software" directory above it. Now the program will give a clearer error message about this problem, with a suggestion of how to fix it. In some cases it may even be able to try to fix it for you.

When sending emails from letters, receipts or statements, the plain-text body of the email used to be limited to 1,000 characters. It can now hold up to 10,000 characters. (That is probably much more than anyone would want to use, given that it is plain text - if you want something longer, and more nicely formatted than you can do with this plain text part, put it into the body of your letter or receipt!)


Version 3.64 (September 11, 2014):


All Canadian receipts (English, French only and bilingual) now handle corrected or duplicate/replacement receipts the way the Canada Revenue Agency prefers, namely by creating a new receipt with a new number, that says it is replacing the old one, and marking the old one as "Cancelled". If you use mail-merge receipts, this is partly done in expanded text for the «ReceiptType» mail-merge field. In the sample Canadian mail-merge receipts supplied with the program, that field has been moved to a location where there is more room for the longer text that is now in it. Existing users, whose mail-merge receipts will not be overwritten by an update, may want to make a similar change themselves. See Replacement or Correction Receipts for Canada for details of how this change works.

The Receipt Reprint Range menu option now has three radio button choices for whether to leave the reprinted receipts' status as is, mark all of them as "Duplicate" (or "Replacement"), or mark all of them as "Corrected". Previously this was done with one checkbox, only allowing the reprinted receipts to have their status left as is, or to all be marked as "Corrected". Also, previously even if you did not select the checkbox to have the receipts' status changed to "Corrected", any receipt whose dollar amount had changed since it was originally saved would still be marked as "Corrected". Now that does not happen, if you choose the radio button for "Leave all receipts as is".

For Canadian receipts, the Receipt Delete Range menu option now has some different behaviour when deleting replacement or correction receipts - see that Help topic for details. In brief, deleting a replacement or correction receipt number without deleting the original receipt number more or less removes the fact that you have made the correction or replacement, but leaves the original receipt there.

All Canadian receipts now show the "Date of donation" in the main section for receipts that only include one donation, and "Year of donations" for receipts that include multiple donations. (The Canada Revenue Agency only absolutely requires the year of donation, which was already implicitly there in the phrase "Official 2014 receipt for income tax purposes" etc., but we get a lot of requests to add the date.) If you use mail-merge receipts, you will have to add this yourself, because existing mail-merge templates are never overwritten by program updates. You can add in the new mail merge fields yourself in the mail-merge editor for the receipts: «DonationDateOrYrPrompt» (for the text "Date of donation" or "Year of donations", or French or bilingual versions) and «DonationDateOrYr» (for the actual date or year value).

The «ReceiptType» mail-merge field now displays nothing for original receipts. It used to display "ORIGINAL RECEIPT". This now matches the way the built-in receipts always worked - they never displayed that text for original receipts.

Removed the three variant mail merge receipt templates for Canadian receipts from new installs of the program, named receipts_merge_canada_simple.htm, receipts_merge_french_simple.htm, and receipts_merge_bilingual_simple.htm. They were for use with receipts where there is no "advantage". Now the standard receipt templates installed with the program automatically accommodate for that situation, by only displaying a row for the eligible amount of the donation.

Changed Reports ⇒ Receipt ⇒ All Receipts a bit - see the new description.

In Reports ⇒ Custom Report, the Type field in the Receipt column now shows short versions of what would be in the new «ReceiptType» mail-merge field as described above.

Also in Reports ⇒ Custom Report, the Receipt # field in the Donation and Receipt columns now includes the year number, the same way it is displayed everywhere else. Previously it displayed the receipt number without the year number.

Renamed the Receipt menu option Duplicate/Corrected Receipt by Number to the simpler Duplicate/Corrected by Number.

Separated out a full Help page for Reprinting Receipts, which had previously been part of the very long page Generating Charitable Receipts.

When you use the Letters One Letter or Letters Mass Mailing menu options to reprint receipts using mail merge, it now warns you, and doesn't allow you to generate the letters/receipts, if any of the included receipts are "incorrect". (That happens if you have deleted one or more of the donations that were originally included in the receipts, for instance because they were NSF or needed a correction.) You can find such incorrect receipts with the Reports Receipt Incorrect Receipts report, and correct them properly with the menu options for creating duplicate/corrected receipts.

Fixed an undesirable behaviour in mailing label reports and envelope printing reports, where if the donor's Address Line 2 is filled in, and their Address Line 3 is empty, and there is something in the Postal Code field, the Postal Code prints on its own line instead of where it should go, after the Address Line 2. (In both Canada and the U.S.A., the postal or zip codes are supposed to follow the city or town and province and state on the same line.)

Eliminated a problem that one user had after updating from a significantly older version, where it stopped a database schema upgrade (and thus would not start the program) because it said it couldn't drop the view DONORS_LAST_2YEARS.

Fixed a bug, introduced by version 3.63b, where Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Receipted wouldn't work - it gave a techie message about an ambiguous column name. (Fortunately, the problem would only occur for users who hadn't used any previous version, or if you created a new database with Database ⇒ Switch Databases after upgrading to 3.63b.)


Version 3.63b (July 30, 2014):


When converting data from Membership Plus, donations with entirely empty amount fields previously caused the conversion to stop with an error. Now they are ignored.


Version 3.63 (July 24, 2014):


Changed the installation programs to give a message on their startup screens, saying that you may need to temporarily stop your anti-virus or security programs if you get a messages about "Sharing Violation" during the install, which a few users were having.

Fixed a bug in the Database ⇒ Merge Duplicate Donors window where if the two donors don't occur in all of the same years, the program isn't detecting it, and thus isn't giving the intended option to only do the merge in the current year. In that case, the merge can fail. Also, if the program detects that and you agree for it to only do the merge for the current year, it gives a new message explaining that you can try to do the merge in other years by first moving to them with Maintenance ⇒ Change Year.

In the Maintenance ⇒ Change Year window, if you created the next year before that year had arrived, then switched away from it, and then switched back to it, the program would incorrectly ask you again about whether you really wanted to create the new year. (It didn't recreate it a 2nd time, it just unnecessarily asked that question again.) That has been fixed.

When validating email addresses, up to 8 characters are now allowed in the last period-separated part of an email address, e.g. as in Previously a maximum of 6 characters were allowed in that part.

When converting from GiftWorks, the program is now able to determine more of the organization's information that goes into the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window.

If you are using the Network Client version of DONATION, and try to run the conversions from GiftWorks, Membership Plus or Church Assistant, you now get a message explaining that you can only run those conversions from the computer running the Network Server version of DONATION. (Those conversions never worked before from the Network Client version either, but they didn't give a helpful error message explaining that fact.)


Version 3.62 (June 24, 2014):


When you are importing donors with the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors menu option, if your Excel file contains any cells with newline characters (line breaks) in them, which would prevent the import from working, you now receive a detailed error message explaining that.

Removed the menu option Help ⇒ Support Forums on the Web because we are discontinuing the use of that forum, because it really wasn't used much, and it is better to contact us directly for support.

Fixed a problem introduced by version 3.61: If you included the "Member #" or "Envelope #" field in a Custom Report, it was adding a total (sum) of those envelope numbers at the bottom of the report! Unfortunately, this fix is only able to work if you do not change the heading for that field from "Member #" or "Envelope #" when you are in the SQL Select window.

Fixed a problem when converting from Membership Plus version 8 or higher: if the database files were in a directory whose name included a single quote / apostrophe, they could not be imported.

Fixed a problem where if you changed the DatabaseDirectory setting in the DONATION.INI file (not recommended, except for using the database on a USB memory key), and the directory you changed it to included a single quote / apostrophe, the database could not be opened.


Version 3.61b (May 26, 2014):


For converting from GiftWorks, made the following changes:

1.You can now do so from a GiftWorks backup file (filename.GBF) as well as the previous option of converting from an actual GiftWorks database file (filename.GDS).

2.Fixed a slight error: for payment (donation) types other than cheques with cheque numbers, it was putting the wrong payment type into the Cheque # / Paid By field.

3.Fixed a problem where if the database filename included a single quote / apostrophe, it could not be imported.

4.Fixed a problem where bad donation dates in GiftWorks (whether far in the future or far in the past) caused problems either during or after the conversion. It will now not convert any donation data more than 20 years in the past, or in any future calendar year.


Version 3.61 (May 22, 2014):


When you are finding donors by just typing the start of a last name or an entire member/envelope number, with the focus in the Donor List, you can now press ESC to eliminate what you have typed and start over.

Replaced the Maintenance ⇒ Change Year ⇒ Previous Year and Next Year sub-menu options with just a main Maintenance ⇒ Change Year menu option, which brings up a window showing all of the years you can change to. This allows you to move by more than one year at a time (assuming you have multiple years of data in the database), which previously required multiple steps.

In the Reports ⇒ Custom Reports window, added a "# Donors" field to the list of Donor fields, and a "# Donations" field to the list of Donation fields, that respectively give the numbers of donors and donations included in each line of the report. This allows you to create custom summary reports that give counts as well as totals of amounts.

For users with multiple databases, created with the Database ⇒ Switch Databases menu option, there is now a way to add command-line options in the Desktop icon for starting DONATION to start it on a specific database, and to have multiple icons for starting on different databases.

For users of the Network Versions of DONATION, enhanced the window displayed by the Tools ⇒ Network Client Information menu option in the Network Server version, to add buttons for Print, Open in Word, and Help.

For users of the Network Versions of DONATION, who create multiple databases with the Database ⇒ Switch Databases menu option, you now no longer have to copy the databases.txt file from the Network Server version's computer to each Network Client version's computer after each change or addition of a database, in order for the Network Client versions to have access to all of the databases.

Added a new help topic on Using Mass Email Services, like Constant Contact etc.


Version 3.60 (April 26, 2014):


In both Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Addresses and Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Addresses by Member/Envelope Number, it is now possible to filter the donors that are included in this report by any of the two donor category fields, or the six Other Info fields. Those additional fields are not displayed on the reports, however.

Reports created with the Reports ⇒ Custom Report menu option, or with the Database ⇒ SQL Select menu option, now do a better job of making the columns only as wide as they need to be to hold the longest retrieved data, and leaving spaces between columns. This fixes problems both where some data could be cut off because columns were too narrow, and reports were unnecessarily wide because columns were too wide. The same fix applies to the optional preview view of data (to allow filtering) from the Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing menu option.

Changed Reports ⇒ Bank Deposit ⇒ One Deposit Details to include the section showing the transaction for your accounting program, which was previously only shown in the version of this report accessed from the Print button in the Maintenance ⇒ Create Bank Deposit window. Also, there is now more room for long accounting program account names in the bottom section of that report, except in the case where you are using QuickBooks with classes (because that requires an extra field that needs its own space).

Added a new table, USER_LOG, to the database, which tracks each user of the program (based on the Windows username the logged onto their computer with). It records the time they logged on (started) and logged off (exited) the program. You can retrieve data from it with queries in the Database ⇒ SQL Select window such as "SELECT * from USER_LOG where ACTION_DATE between '2014-01-1' and '2014-01-31 23:59:59'", to see all of the activity in January 2014.

Fixed a support problem, where if the program cannot find one of its 3rd party components (ChilkatHttp, ChilkatMail, or wodCrypt), a re-install of the full version did not always fix them, and further steps were required to fix the problem.

Fixed a problem where two menu options on the File menu had the same underlined letter.

The Help button in the windows accessed from the Sort and Filter buttons in reports did not always work on versions of Windows later than Windows XP. Now they do.

This version was created with a newer version of PowerBuilder, the program used to create DONATION. (Although this does not change virtually any features, it is a major-enough behind the scenes change to merit a jump in the version numbering from 3.57 to 3.60.)


Version 3.57c (March 14, 2014):


Fixed a bug in the Bank Deposit details report (the one from the Print button in the Maintenance ⇒ Create Bank Deposit window), where the final sub-report (of transactions for your accounting program) was cut off, until it had been printed once.


Version 3.57b (March 4, 2014):


Fixed a bug in Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Summary by Dollar Ranges, introduced by version 3.57, where there were repeated rows for the various groupings appearing in the report.

A number of reports would previously crash if they prompted for a donation category (possibly in addition to a range of dates), and the category you selected had double quotes in it. You got an incorrect and uninformative error message saying that it was an intermittent bug that only occurred in 64-bit versions of DONATION, and suggesting that you try rebooting your computer (which in these cases would not in fact help!). That problem in all such reports in now fixed.


Version 3.57 (February 26, 2014):


There are now three more renameable Other Info fields for the donor, in addition to the existing three. If you wish to use them, you need to turn on their display (and give them the names you want to use for them) in the Donor tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window.

In Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Summary by Dollar Ranges, you can now select an optional donation category to restrict the report to, or leave it as being for all donation categories (the way it was before). It is also now possible to filter the donors that are included in this report by any of the following: the Member/Envelope # (for instance, to include only those with such a number), the two donor category fields, or the six Other Info fields.

In the Network versions, fixed a problem where if the program loses its connection to the database for some reason, it could get a large pile of error messages, one on top of another, if the user wasn't at their computer at the time, and then be hard to close. Also, it now gives an option to reconnect to the database.

When validating email addresses for donors, the single quote character is now allowed in the first part of the email address (i.e. before the @ sign), as in o'

In Reports ⇒ Bank Deposit ⇒ Summary List, added a total of the dollar amounts of all of the listed bank deposits.

In Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing, if you chose the Pledge information option, and checked the option to export the data to a file instead of mail merging, and you were using Multi-Year Pledging, the export failed with a technical SQL error. That is now fixed.

In the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors window, sometimes Excel files when exported to text have too many columns in them, for unclear reasons. When this is the case, you are now given an option to just ignore the additional columns. This also allows for ignoring extra columns that you don't choose to import, that are after the columns you do wish to import. (This change was actually made in an earlier version, but we forgot to note it in the revision history at the time.)

If you had your Receipt Style in Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options set to either Quebec (French only) or Quebec (bilingual French and English), generated a Gift in Kind receipt, and then tried to use the Email/Print button to email it, you got an error message about not finding the object "name", and the email failed. That is now fixed.


Version 3.56d (February 8, 2014):


Fixed a problem in the installation programs that caused exporting to formatted Excel in the Save As window when viewing reports to give an error message and fail.


Version 3.56c (February 6, 2014):


Some users are still having problems with the Tools ⇒ Check for Updates menu option not working, with incorrect error messages about not being connected to the Internet, when they are indeed connected. This version doesn't fix that, but it logs a detailed message about what the problem is, which we can then use for further diagnosis.


Version 3.56b (February 6, 2014):


Fixed a bug introduced by version 3.56, where if you tell it to import an Excel file with the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors menu option, after it converts it to a text file, it says it cannot open that text file and the import is cancelled.

If an import file (Excel or tab-separated text) used in the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors menu option has more columns on its first line than indicated in your field selections, you are now given an option to continue anyways, just ignoring the extra columns. (Previously that would always cancel the import attempt.) However, if any other line has a different number of columns, the import will still be cancelled.


Version 3.56 (February 6, 2014):


When you used the Tools ⇒ Check for Updates menu option, if for some reason the download of the upgrade file failed, the "Please Wait" window for the download would remain up after an error message, leading you to think that the download was hanging, and with no obvious way to get out of it. Now that window closes after such an error.

Fixed a bug in the Maintenance ⇒ Create Bank Deposit window, where if there are no entries in the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Paid By Values window with the "Include in Bank Deposit" checkbox unchecked, you get a techie SQL error message when you click the Retrieve Deposits button, and you cannot proceed. (This is actually a very unlikely situation, because virtually everyone will have Paid By values that do not get deposited as part of your bank deposits, like Gift in Kind, credit cards, etc.)

When you use the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors menu option, sometimes you can get erroneous error messages about having only 1 tab-separated column on a line of the file, when the program sees an empty line that isn't really there! Now empty lines of the file are skipped.


Fixes in Version 3.55c (January 28, 2014):


Fixed a minor problem, possibly introduced by version 3.55, where the progress bar in the window showing an Internet Backup uploading never changed.


Fixes in Version 3.55b (January 25, 2014):


Fixed a problem introduced by version 3.55, where you could not restore Internet backups, because you got a message about it being unauthorized, and the password possibly being incorrect.


Fixes in Version 3.55 (January 24, 2014):


When you used the Tools ⇒ Check for Updates menu option, many users were finding that it failed, with an incorrect message saying that they did not seem to be connected to the Internet. That is fixed by this version, however, to get this version successfully, you have to download it from the DOWNLOAD page on the website, at, since Check for Updates isn't working in your current version!


Fixes in Version 3.54 (January 10, 2014):


Added the ability to convert and import the data from a GiftWorks program database, with the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ From GiftWorks menu option.  


Fixes in Version 3.53 (November 27, 2013):


For all receipts for Canada, changed to a newer version of the Canada Revenue Agency's required web address that is printed on the receipts. If you are using the mail-merge version of the receipts, however, unless you do a new install on a new computer, the receipt template files will not be updated, because that could overwrite any changes to them that you have made. So you will have to make those changes yourself: to for English receipts, and to for receipts for Quebec (French-only, or bilingual). You can do that with the Edit Mail Merge Receipt button in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window. If you do separate Gift in Kind mail-merge receipts, you will also have to use the Edit Mail Merge Gift in Kind Receipt button in that window.

Prevented installation of the program in a path whose name contains a single quote character, because for some reason that prevents the program from starting properly.


Fixes in Version 3.52 (October 22, 2013):


In the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors window, removed the requirement that fields including the First Name and Last Name be imported, as long as you are importing the Business Name. (Some import files might be entirely composed of businesses or organizations, with no first/last names for contact people.)

Improved a message box that you get once a month, if the support period implied by your license key is expired by at least one month, to further clarify that the problem could be either that you haven't updated your license key since the last payment, or that you haven't paid for over a year.


Fixes in Version 3.51 (October 2, 2013):


For Current Donation Information or Individual Donation Information mail-merge letters, added a YTDTOTALAMOUNT mail-merge field, for the total donations from that donor for the year so far.

Added a section at the end of the Help page for Importing Data from Viansoft Church Contribution System about resolving problems importing the donations if the Short Date Format set in your Windows Control Panel's Region and Language tool is not something like MM/DD/YYYY.

Fixed a bug in the window for installing a new license key that in some cases would accept an out-of-date key and indicate it was valid.


Fixes in Version 3.50c (August 25, 2013):


There is an undocumented right-click menu on the Donor List area of the main window, with options for New Donor, Edit Donor, Delete Donor, and Find Donor. An error has been corrected where all of those were still visible (though they didn't all work) for users signed in with a Limited User Password. Now the Edit Donor and Delete Donor menu options are never visible for those users, and New Donor is only visible for limited users who have the right to create new donors (as set in the Limited Users tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window).


Fixes in Version 3.50b (July 31, 2013):


Switched to using a new version of the program that creates the installation programs, which introduces some new capabilities, but also drops support for installing DONATION on the 13-year-old version of Windows called Windows 2000.

The conversion to Membership Plus now handles a newly-discovered type of possible data error in its files, where a donation is not associated with a donor.

Fixed a bug when installing the Network Client version of the program, where if the Database Directory on the Network Server version's computer has been changed from its standard location, you may get a message about that directory not existing on the Network Client computer, and be unable to complete the install. (The database directory doesn't have to exist on the Network Client computer!)


Fixes in Version 3.50 (June 10, 2013):


Changed the installation program, so that a tile for DONATION shows up on the Windows 8 "All Apps" area, and DONATION can be searched for with the Windows 8 feature for searching for applications. For earlier versions of Windows, DONATION now also shows up under Start Menu ⇒ Programs ⇒ Software4Nonprofits, as well as the Windows Desktop (where it always showed up).

Made it possible to control the font size of tables in mail-merge receipts and letters, such as «DetailsTable:...», «SummaryTable» etc., by adding some style information to the mail-merge templates (ask for support for details on how to do this, if it is an issue for you). Also pre-set all of those tables to a font size of 12pt in all built-in template files. (However, the built-in template files installed by the program are only installed the first time you do an installation on a given computer, or if those files are missing - they will not overwrite existing installed template files.)


Fixes in Version 3.49b (May 16, 2013):


Fixed a crash in the program after making database backups in the Standalone version, when you are logged in with the Limited User Password.


Fixes in Version 3.49 (April 9, 2013):


Fixed a bug when making database backups in the Network Client version only (introduced, I think, in version 3.45d) where you first get an incorrect error message about the database file not existing, and then in the window for specifying the path to backup to, the backup path is shown with no filename component, and you thus have to type that in yourself.

When converting data from Membership Plus, a check was added to ignore completely empty Fund rows (which get converted to donation categories in DONATION). Previously they would have caused the conversion to halt. There could also be problems where there were donations in the Membership Plus database with no matching donor, again causing the conversion to halt. That was resolved by adding in a fake donor with a Business Name like "Missing Donor 123", to attach those donations to. (One fake donor is added for each internal donor number in Membership Plus that there were donations for, with no matching donor.)

Fixed a weird problem in reports such as Reports ⇒ One Date Donation ⇒ Details and Summary, which have a details section followed by a summary section. In that report, if it was more than one page long, and you used either the Filter or the Sort button, the summary section disappeared from the view on your screen. However, if you printed it, it was fine, and after printing, the summary section reappeared on your screen.


Fixes in Version 3.48 (March 3, 2013):


Added new options for users with a Receipt Style of "U.S.A." in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, for whether donors receive "intangible religious benefits" for their donations, which then affects the wording on the receipts.

For mail-merge receipts for users with a Receipt Style of "U.S.A." in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, there is a new mail-merge field available, ReligiousBenefits, which can be used to determine whether to include some variant wording in the receipts.

In the Receipt ⇒ Reprint Range window, added a checkbox that can be used for marking all of the reprinted receipts as "Corrected", when that is appropriate.


Fixes in Version 3.47 (February 20, 2013):


When converting data from Membership Plus, a check was added for there being donors ("members" in Membership Plus) with the same internal unique ID, which would prevent them from being imported into DONATION. As long as those duplicate donors have no contributions, the import will continue, just skipping the 2nd one.

When you pop up a calendar control for a date field, previously the only way to get rid of it without making a selection was by pressing ESC. Now you can get rid of it by clicking the same popup button again, or clicking back in the date field, or in most other places on the same window.

Made Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Old Donors much faster (previously it could take multiple minutes if you had quite a lot of data).

Fixed a problem during a re-installation, if you have configured your database to be located on a USB memory key, and the key containing your database has not been inserted into your computer. Now it will prompt you to do that before continuing the installation.


Fixes in Version 3.46e (January 30, 2013):


Made some changes to the program's License Agreement, and various places in both this Help file and the program's website, to clarify the following existing policies: Older versions of the program are never made available, so users whose paid support and upgrades eligibility period has expired need to pay an appropriate fee to download and re-install the current version of the program, unless they keep their own secure permanent copy of the installation program from before their upgrades eligibility period ended, which they can use instead. Also, renamed the "Full License" fee to the "Initial Purchase" fee, for clarity.

If you try to delete an existing donation on the program's main window by either changing the Amount to $0, or deleting the Amount, you are now given a message explaining how to delete donations, by using the Delete button. (For a full explanation, see Deleting a Donation.)


Fixes in Version 3.46d (January 25, 2013):


When converting data from Membership Plus, if negative dollar amounts are found in donations, they are now not imported because they are not allowed in DONATION. However a note about that specific skipped donation is put into the file of messages about the conversion that is shown to the user. Previously negative dollar amounts would cause the conversion to crash.

Fixed something in the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ All Data menu option that would prevent it from working correctly - generally a "Foreign Key Validation" error would come up.


Fixes in Version 3.46c (January 20, 2013):


Added a missing scrollbar to the Category drop-down in the Pledges tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window.

Fixed a problem that can occur if the Default Category (set in the Donations tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window) is deleted, either directly in the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories window, or through the option to delete donors and categories that don't have any donations in the last two years, when you are changing to a new year for the first time.

Fixed a problem with duplicate or corrected receipts when the "Receipt Style for" setting in Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options is set to "Quebec (French only)" or "Quebec (bilingual French and English)", where the last letter of the receipt type printed on the receipts was being cut off. (For instance, "DUPLICATA REÇU / DUPLICATE RECEIP", missing the final "T", instead of "DUPLICATA REÇU / DUPLICATE RECEIPT".) Also, in the mail-merge version of those French or bilingual receipts, the English version of that receipt type was being put before the French version - corrected that to put the French first.


Fixes in Version 3.46b (January 16, 2013):


Fixed a bug when converting data from Membership Plus, which could cause the conversion to fail (with an error message about "violation of foreign key constraint") and possibly could cause the wrong donations to be associated with the wrong donors.


Fixes in Version 3.46 (January 11, 2013):


Added a Help page on Using the Database on a USB Memory Key (another way to handle having copies of the Standalone or Lite version of DONATION on multiple computers).

Added better messages if the program's database cannot be found when you are starting the program (for example if it is on a USB memory key which you have not plugged in).

Fixed an error in Reports ⇒ Receipt ⇒ Envelopes, where it would not allow a receipt date to be entered that was after the last day of the current working year. So for instance if you had generated receipts for the year 2012 on January 1, 2013, you could not enter 01/01/2013 as required to select the envelopes for the receipts created on that day.

Fixed a problem where if you are a Lite version user, and you use the Tools ⇒ Check for Updates window, and check the checkbox for "Update from free Lite version to full paid Standalone version", it might incorrectly only update you with the update installation program, instead of the full installation program. (That would omit installing some files needed by the Standalone version, including the sample template mail-merge letter and receipt files.) Also, to prevent this problem when using Tools ⇒ Check for Updates from versions prior to this version, changed the update installation program for the Standalone version to refuse to run when the program is currently a Lite version, and instead give you an option to go the website to download and install the full Standalone version.

Added the menu option Database ⇒ Import ⇒ From Viansoft Church Contribution System, which allows you to import donors and donations exported from that program, which is no longer available or supported.

Some users were getting a message "Unlicensed HTMLMessageBox" at the top of any message box from the program, because the program file that displayed the message boxes had not been updated by an upgrade when it should have been. The program now gives a message on startup if this unexpected situation is still a problem, with instructions to contact us for help resolving it.


Fixes in Version 3.45f (December 23, 2012):


Fixed a case where there was a techie (but harmless) error message during Backup/Restore ⇒ Email Backup in the Standalone version.


Fixes in Version 3.45e (December 22, 2012):


In reports created with Reports ⇒ Custom Reports or Database ⇒ SQL Select, if the Grid display style was chosen and there were a large number of columns, the order of the columns in the resulting report could come out completely incorrect. That has been corrected.


Fixes in Version 3.45d (December 19, 2012):


In the Reports ⇒ Custom Reports window, added an option for Separate and Grand Totals to the two existing options at the bottom of the window, for Grand Totals and Separate Totals. (And renamed them to Grand Totals Only and Separate Totals Only.)

Fixed a tiny bug in the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories, Donor Category 1 and Donor Category 2 menu options, where a category value that is just "NR" shows as being non-receiptable, when in fact it is receiptable. (A category value has to start with "NR " or end with " NR", with the spaces as indicated, or be exactly "Non-Receiptable", in order to be non-receiptable.)

Fixed another case (in addition to the one fixed by version 3.45c) where there was a techie (but harmless) error message after doing Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database in the Standalone version.


Fixes in Version 3.45c (December 5, 2012):


Prevent a techie (but harmless) error message after doing Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database in the Standalone version, if you have never visited the Backup Frequency and Options window and clicked OK in it. (This error was introduced by version 3.45.)


Fixes in Version 3.45b (December 3, 2012):


Changed the Bank Deposit reports to add in a summary by Paid By (Cash / Cheque etc.). This includes both the report printed by the Print button on the Maintenance ⇒ Create Bank Deposit window, and Reports ⇒ Bank Deposit ⇒ One Deposit Details.


Fixes in Version 3.45 (November 30, 2012):


Added a new menu option Help ⇒ Training Videos on the Web, which goes to the Demos and Samples page on the program's web site. That page has both introductory and in-depth training videos on it that you can watch.

Three reports under Reports Donor Donation Info - the Sort by Name, Sort by Amount, and Sort by Member/Envelope # ones, gave as their headings "This Year" and "Last Year", without saying which years those were. That could be confusing if you were working on different years of data, or going back to previous years to run earlier reports etc. The headings have been changed to things like "2012 Total" and "2011 Total" etc.

Changed the Database ⇒ Delete Old Data menu option to only allow deletion up to the 3rd year prior to the current calendar year (for example up to 2009 if it is currently 2012).

Fixed a bug in the Network versions, where you could get a techie error message about "Row Changed between Retrieve and Update" on the SETTINGS table in the database, if two users were using a similar function at the same time.

Fixed two problems with entering only the month and date for a donation date on the main window, then tabbing out of the field to have it fill in the year. First, the date didn't get saved as the new default date, for the next donation to be entered. Second, if you were working in a previous year's data, the year that got added was the current calendar year, and you could actually save a transaction with that date, even though it was in the wrong year! (Now, whichever year you were working on is the year that gets added to the month and day you entered.)

If you click on the text "Find Name / #" below the Donor List, or the field to its right, you used to immediately be taken to the Help topic "Finding a Donor" to learn how to do that. Now, clicking on either of them instead displays a message briefly explaining how to find donors, and offering you an option to view that help topic.


Fixes in Version 3.44c (October 19, 2012):


Fixed a minor problem in the Database ⇒ Change Date of Donations window, where the popup calendar buttons were only slightly visible, and didn't work, and neither did the special keys for changing dates, like "T" for today, or "+" and "-" for increasing or decreasing a date by one day.

Changed the uninstaller to warn about not removing the novaPDF printer if you also have Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS installed, and similarly with removing the Firebird Server (for the Network Server version of DONATION).


Fixes in Version 3.44b (October 16, 2012):


Added a Reports ⇒ Bank Deposit sub-menu, containing Summary List (one row per bank deposit on this year's donations) and One Deposit Details (details and category totals for one date's bank deposit).

Addressed an unusual situation in the Bank Deposit entry window, where the Advantage Account field isn't displayed because you have chosen not to display the Eligible Amount field in the donation details area. But if you actually have donations that you retrieve that do have Eligible Amounts filled in, you will get a message about it, and that Advantage Account field, which is now needed, will be displayed for you.

Fixed a small subtle bug. If you selected a donation date with the calendar popup, then used the mouse to click into another field, that donation date didn't become the default donation date for further donation entry. If you instead Tabbed out to the next field, it did become the default date, as it should. Now either method works.


Fixes in Version 3.44 (October 15, 2012):


Added support for bank deposits, including setting up for them with the new Maintenance ⇒ Configure Bank Deposits menu option, and creating individual bank deposits with the new Maintenance ⇒ Create Bank Deposit menu option. As well as being able to print out a report with all details of each bank deposit, you can export a transaction for the bank deposit for importing into either Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS, or Intuit QuickBooks.

Added Reports ⇒ Category ⇒ Accounting Accounts, which is only visible if you have configured bank deposits. It shows the correspondence you have set up between donation categories and accounts in your accounting program.

When requesting license keys from the Evaluation and Licensing window, it now handles accented characters correctly.

When viewing reports, Ctrl+P will now print the report (as well as Alt+P, which worked before).

When you go to Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration, or Backup/Restore ⇒ Email Backup for the first time, when you have not previously configured your email settings, the program will take them from the Email Sending Configuration in the Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS program, if that program is also installed.

Throughout the program and this Help file, changed things like "Ctrl-C" to read "Ctrl+C". Both mean that you hold down Ctrl and press C.

Fixed a bug where you get a techie error message after failing to enter the program, if you put in the wrong program entry password 3 times.

Removed various wording in the Help that suggested that charities in the U.S.A. aren't required to give receipts for under $250, because the donor can use their canceled cheque as their receipt. (I understand that is no longer the case, and that donors need receipts for all donations they wish to claim on their taxes.)

Fixed a bug where the program stops responding if any of the special keys for dates, other than "T" for Today, are used in a blank date field.

Fixed a problem in relation to using the button to pop up the calendar control for the donation date on the main window. If you clicked the button and changed the date in the calendar window, if that was the only change on the row, and you didn't tab out of the field, the Save button didn't become enabled, to save that change.


Fixes in Version 3.43f (August 13, 2012):


Fixed a big introduced by version 3.43b (or perhaps 3.42c) that stopped the Find Next button on the Find Donor window accessed from the Batch Entry window from doing anything.

In the installation program, don't allow the user to use the Windows Desktop as the installation directory, because that scatters all of the program's files over the Desktop.

When restoring backups, the program has always saved the previous version of the database you are restoring on top of as that database name with ".PREVIOUS" added. That previous version is now stored in a Temp subdirectory under the database's directory, rather than in the database's directory as it previously did.

Removed a misleading message when you change your Internet Backup password, suggesting that you need to use the Setup Storage button in the Backup Frequency and Options window to change it back. (You don't.)

Made Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Potential Duplicates slightly narrower, in response to a report from one user that it was putting blank pages between each page. (Being a tiny bit too wide is the usual cause of that.)


Fixes in Version 3.43e (July 25, 2012):


On the main window, there was no calendar image on the button for the popup calendar to the right of the Date field in the Donation details area - put it back in.

On versions of Windows prior to Windows 7, the new popup calendar was a bit too short, so the last line of dates was partly cut off. Fixed that.


Fixes in Version 3.43d (July 24, 2012):


Fixed an error in the installation program for all new installations (Standalone, Lite or Network Server) where it failed to create the initial empty database file, and thus the program got an error message about "Unavailable database" on startup, and would not start.

Fixed a bug on the initial startup of the program, after entering your Organization Info, you get a message about "Null object reference in line 34 of w_category". That causes the program to exit, but it works fine when you restart it.


Fixes in Version 3.43c (July 23, 2012):


In the new popup calendar, changed it to use Sunday as the first day of the week, rather than Monday as in version 3.43b.


Fixes in Version 3.43b (July 23, 2012):


Replaced the popup calendar that is available for data entry of dates with a new version, which works slightly better, and changed to pop it up with a calendar button, rather than a drop-down arrow. Unlike the previous version, this new calendar cannot be closed without making a selection by clicking on that same button again. Instead, you can press ESC to do that.

Added a calendar button for a popup calendar to other places in the program where you can enter dates, for instance windows prompting for a date or a date range for reports.

Added a few additional "magic" keystrokes you can use when entering dates directly.

For technical reasons, license keys never work if you have two or more spaces in a row in your Organization Name. Put in some checks and fixes to prevent that situation and problem.

Put in some code to try to help a situation where a user with dual monitors could not run the program, because it incorrectly reported that their screen dimensions were not set to at least 800 x 600 (the minimum at which DONATION will work properly).

Put in some code into the Network Server version installer to try to ensure that the Firebird database server definitely gets installed in cases where the system is confused about whether it is installed already.

Put in a check that you are not trying to use your Unique ID for Internet Backups (or an initial part of it) as your password for Internet Backups, which should be something you make up that is completely different.

Fixed a tiny annoyance: if you used Ctrl+F (rather than the documented option Alt+F) for Find Donor in the One Date Batch Entry window, it worked, but it also beeped. Now it no longer beeps.

Fixed a bug that while you could save a value including a slash (such as "Debit/Credit") in the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Paid By Values window, only the part prior to the slash would show up in the Cheque # / Paid By field on the main window or the One Date Batch Entry window.

Fixed another bug with that same window: If you accidentally choose the wrong selection between Canada and the USA when you first setup your DONATION database, and then make changes in this window, and only after that fix the wrong country selection via Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options, the wrong spelling of Check vs. Cheque will be "locked in" and unable to be changed. (Now the program fixes that automatically.)

Fixed a bug that gave a wrong (techie looking) error message if limited users entered invalid donation dates on the program's main window.

Prevent limited users from logging in to the program if it is set to work on a prior year.


Fixes in Version 3.43 (June 6, 2012):


This version uses a new ODBC driver, which is the software that interfaces between the program itself and the Firebird database that it uses. This change will be largely invisible to users, with a couple of exceptions, as follows. (1) If you run memorized Custom Reports, that were memorized with a prior version, their column headings may now include a database table name where they didn't do so before, such as a heading "Donor Name" instead of just "Name". If it is import to you to fix this, please contact us for details on how to do so. (2) Also when re-running prior memorized Custom Reports, if they were saved with Filter or Sort criteria, those may no longer be valid, and you may receive a message telling you that you need to re-create the Filter or Sort and then re-memorize the report.

Added a new report, Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Actual Duplicates. It is similar to the Potential Duplicates report in the same sub-menu, but only shows duplicates where the name is exactly the same (though possibly with different capitalization). The Potential Duplicates report also shows names that sound alike, which may identify some names entered twice, with typos in one of the names.

The Find Donor window now allows you to also find by email address, as well as the previous fields it allowed.

On the main window when you are entering or editing donations, and on the One Date Batch Entry window, the drop-down list for the donation Category now has an additional entry "<Add New>". Selecting that entry brings up the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories window, already set up to add a new category. If you add one and close the window, that new one becomes the category for the current donation row.

On the main window when you are entering or editing donors, the drop-down lists for the donor Category 1 and Category 2 fields now each have an additional entry "<Add New>". Selecting that entry brings up the Maintenance ⇒ Donor Category 1 or Donor Category 2 window, already set up to add a new category. If you add one and close the window, that new one becomes the corresponding category for the current donor.

Changed the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window, so that when it is automatically shown to you the first time you initialize the information for a new organization, you can fill in a new Receipt Style For field, which could previously only be edited on the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window. This means that you don't have to visit that Receipt Options window during your initialization for the organization. (On subsequent visits to the Organization Info window, the Receipt Style For field can be viewed but not edited - you still edit it with the Receipt Options window.)

Removed the automatic display of the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories window that was automatically shown to you the first time you initialized the information for a new organization.

If you try to delete a donor or donation category and you can't because there are donors or donations already with that category selected for them, you now get a more informative message about what you can do about that.

Fixed a bug in the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors window, where if you get an error about not being able to import Category1 or Category2 fields because you haven't set up any of those those values, you can't try the import again without first exiting the program. (If you do try it again, you get an error message about not being able to open certain files.)

Fixed a bug where Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Potential Duplicates could crash the program with the error message "Malformed String" if there were names in the database whose first character was an accented character, such as "ÉLISE".


Fixes in Version 3.42c (April 24, 2012):


Corrected an error in the help page on fiscal years, where it said that it does not handle pledging on a fiscal year basis (it does, for annual pledges with categories).


Fixes in Version 3.42b (April 4, 2012):


Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash after downloading an extra needed component, if you were converting data from Membership Plus version 8 or higher, during the program's first startup.


Fixes in Version 3.42 (April 2, 2012):


New Fiscal Year Features


A number of features were added for handling reporting for organizations with fiscal years different from the calendar year:


You can set up your fiscal year's start date in the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window. (This defaults to January 1 if you don't change it, meaning the fiscal year is the same as the calendar year, and thus other fiscal year features are not available.)

Added a new Reports ⇒ Fiscal Year sub-menu, with 7 new reports on it. If your fiscal year is the same as the calendar year, trying to use these reports just gives a message explaining that they are not relevant.

Added fiscal year selection options for donation dates, in the Reports ⇒ Custom Reports window.

Added support for new :FISCAL_START_DATE and :FISCAL_END_DATE arguments in the Database ⇒ SQL Select window. (They are used by Custom Reports, when you choose to use a fiscal year selection.)

Added support for pledges being on a fiscal year basis (specified in the Pledges tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window). This affects Pledge information mail merge letters, pledge reports, and Custom Reports including pledge fields.


Other Changes in this Version


Improved all four reports under the Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Donation Info sub-menu to no longer exclude donors from the report that were present in prior years, who have been deleted from (or never copied forward to) the current year. Made a similar fix to Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Old Donors, so that it includes all donors from both this year and last year that have not donated in either year, but did donate in earlier years. Similarly, in the Reports ⇒ Custom Reports window, if you do a multi-year report for just the prior and current working years in the program, it will no longer exclude donors present in last year's donor list but absent from this year's list.

The reporting changes in the previous point make the use of the Database ⇒ Copy Missing Donors ⇒ From previous year to current year menu option less necessary, because it was often used to fix the fact that those reports were missing donors from the previous year that weren't also in the current year.

Fixed a bug when mail-merging receipts or letters, where sometimes the page breaks between successive donors' letters or receipts were ignored, due to a bug in Internet Explorer's handling of page breaks. (This mostly happened with longer merge documents, for instance if you added a letter before or after the mail-merge receipt.)

In the mail merge editor, added two new menu options, Insert ⇒ Logo Image and Insert ⇒ Signature Image, for inserting those images, which you specified using the window accessed via the Select Logo and Signature Images button on the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window.

In the window accessed via the Select Logo and Signature Images button on the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, if you click the Browse button, it was defaulting to show only files matching *.bmp, which could make you think you could not use GIF or JPEG files (you could). Now it shows all files by default.

If you click the Memorize button on the reports-viewing window, and it is for a standard built-in report (not a Custom Report or one created with Database ⇒ SQL Select), and you not have modified the report in any way with the Sort, Filter, or Load SQL button, you will be given a message and not allowed to save the report. That is because there is no point saving standard reports, which you can always run from the regular Reports menu options, the same way you ran it the first time!

Fixed a problem when converting data from Wincrafters Church Assistant, where if there were completely empty categories in the data (no number or name), they would be imported as "Category #0", and generated one warning message for each such empty category.

Added a properly worded error message if you made an unacceptable entry in the Annual Pledge field for the donor (for example if you entered it with a dollar sign, which is not allowed). Somehow that had been left with only an uninformative techie error message.

If you choose not to show the Annual Pledge field in the Donor tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window, the Pledges sub-menu on the Reports menu and the Report Browser are now both hidden, because they will not be of interest.

Fixed a bug in Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Summary by Paid By, where if you selected a date range to report on that was not the entire year, the "Total Distinct Donors across all Paid By values" number at the bottom of the report was incorrect (it was for the entire year).

Fixed a bug with the very infrequently-used Load SQL button on the reports-viewing window, where if the SQL you were loading was invalid, it could crash the program.

Made Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ By Donor by Category slightly less wide, to fix a problem one user was having where the last character on each line was going onto an extra page.


Fixes in Version 3.41d (February 18, 2012):


Moved the Check for Updates and Request or Install License Key menu options from the over-crowded Help menu to the Tools menu.

If you are installing a new license key, and you get a message that it is rejected because it does not match your Organization Name, that message is now clearer, explaining that you may need to request an updated license key to match any change you have made to your Organization Name.

Fixed a bug, where if you are a Canadian user and you checked the "Use different receipts for Gifts in Kind / Non-Cash Gifts" checkbox in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, that setting worked until you exited the program. When you restarted the program the next time, however, that setting would have disappeared, and you would have had to set it again if you needed it.

In newer versions of Windows (for example Vista or 7), the Help ⇒ Using Help menu option was not working. Fixed that, and renamed that option to How to Use Help.


Fixes in Version 3.41c (February 13, 2012):


You are now prevented from emailing receipts if no signature file has been specified in Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options. (If you were allowed to do that, you would end up sending out unsigned receipts!)

Fixed two potential problems with Internet Backups, if you used the same Unique ID for multiple DONATION databases that you switch between on the same computer. In that case, first of all only the latest three backups for any database would be saved - not the latest three backups for each, as was intended. Also, when doing an Internet Restore, you would be prompted with a list of your Internet backups of all of your databases, and you could erroneously select a backup of the wrong database to restore.

Fixed a problem in the Membership Plus conversion, where if there were Family names with no associated Individual, the Family name got put into the Business Name field in DONATION instead of being split up into a First Name and Last Name field, at an appropriate space.


Fixes in Version 3.41b (February 8, 2012):


The check for a strong passwords in Internet backups and restores and email backups had a bug. It was checking that your password included at least three of the four types: capital letters, small letters, digits, and symbols. But the checking was wrong, and it counted capital and small letters as only one type, thus giving incorrect messages about a password such as Azzz4321, which did contain three types, being not strong enough. That is now fixed.


Fixes in Version 3.41 (February 4, 2012):


There are new functions for making secure Internet Backups and Restores, which first have to be configured via new options on the Backup/Restore Backup Frequency and Options window. The first time you make a normal backup after installing or upgrading to this version, you will be asked whether you wish to follow each normal backup with an Internet backup, and if you answer Yes, be sent to the window where you can configure that.

Internet backups and restores, and email backups, now check whether the password you are using is a strong password. For Internet backups and restores, you are not allowed to use a weak password. For email backups, it is recommended that you not do so.

In the Backup/Restore Backup Frequency and Options window, you will now be asked to confirm if you change the frequency of backup reminders to "Never", with a warning that if you do not have an alternate backup method setup, this risks you forgetting to make backups, and losing your data if your hard drive dies.

Added Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Summary by Dollar Ranges, that shows the counts, dollar totals and percentages of donor's total donations amounts within various dollar ranges, for the current and previous years.

The Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors window now allows you to also import the Donor Category 1 and Category 2 fields, which previously could not be imported.

In the window for sending emails for Email Backups, Emails to a Donor, or emailing reports saved to files, there are now checkbox options to Cc: or Bcc: the same email to your own From Email address.

In both the installation program, and in certain places in the program, you will now be prompted with an option to turn off the unhelpful Windows default setting "Hide extensions for known file types", which causes program files like DONATION.EXE to be displayed as just "DONATION", database files like DONATION4.DB to be displayed as just "DONATION4", etc.

Changed all dialog boxes prompting for a file to open or save to be new-style dialog boxes, and to have a Help button that displays appropriate help for whatever feature that dialog box is being used for (such as saving or restoring backup files etc.).

When you start the program after an update from a previous version, you will now be given an option to read the Revision History help page, to see what changes were made in your new version.

Windows displayed when files are being downloaded (for example when downloading an update in the Help ⇒ Check for Updates window) now show a progress indicator, so you can see how close to finished they are. (This is possible because a new powerful 3rd-party control is now being used for most Internet access done by the program.)

Put in a fix to the Database ⇒ Validate menu option, that may allow it to work when sometimes it would not in the past.

Fixed a tiny bug in the window for specifying a Logo and/or Signature for your receipts: the Help button did nothing.

Fixed a tiny bug in the window for Importing Donors: the Help button did not go to the correct Help topic.

Fixed a few oversights for users using the Limited User Password: They can now no longer see Reports ⇒ Memorized Reports or Reports ⇒ One Date Donation ⇒ Details with Description, because both could show names. They can no longer use anything on the Backup/Restore menu except for Backup Database, because it does not seem appropriate for them to be the ones deciding to restore a backup. They can no longer see File ⇒ Send Email because that does not seem appropriate. They can no longer see File ⇒ Edit Comments, unless they are allowed to add new donors, and then only when they are adding a new donor.

In the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window, if you enter an Organization Name 2 but your Receipt Style in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window is not set to one of the options for Quebec, you are now warned that that second Organization Name will not be printed on the receipts.

For users with email addresses, who are using the first window of Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration and basing the configuration just on their email address, rather than the settings in an existing email program, DONATION was suggesting the wrong SMTP server ( That has now been corrected to use

Fixed a problem where you got a techie error message if you tried to add a 2nd donation or donor category with the same name as an existing one, in the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories menu option or the Maintenance ⇒ Donor Category 1 or Donor Category 2 menu option. Now you get a nicer error message.

Added a check that prevents you from adding a second Paid By value with the same name, in the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Paid By Values menu option.

Fixed a bug in the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donations menu option, where Donation Categories containing single quotes (or apostrophes) could not be imported.

Fixed an obscure bug in the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ Donors window, where if data fields to be imported contained just one or more spaces, they were imported that way, rather than as empty. (This particularly caused a problem for the Business Name field, because if it contains spaces, just those spaces are displayed, invisibly, as the name in the Donor List.)

Fixed a problem in the mail-merge editor where the scroll bar on the right was too thin, in some versions of Windows.

Fixed a problem where if you had named a database backup file with the file extension ".gbk", in lower case, rather than the default uppercase ".GBK" suggested by the program, and then double-clicked on that file, DONATION would not prompt you to restore it when it opened, as it is supposed to do.


Fixes in Version 3.40b (December 15, 2011):


Fixed a bug in the built-in receipts for the Receipt Styles for "Quebec (French only)", and "Quebec (bilingual)", where if only the Organization Name and not Organization Name 2 is filled in, in Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info, the organization name does not display on the receipts.


Fixes in Version 3.40 (December 14, 2011):


Changes to Improve the Database Backup and Restore Features


The following changes were made to help prevent problems where a few users have restored a backup containing only data older than the data in their current database, not realized it, and gone on with data entry. That caused gaps in their data, because they lost the newer data that was in the database before they did the restore.


Database backups made with the Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database menu option or the Backup/Restore ⇒ Email Backup menu option now have the date added to their filenames, for instance DONATION-2011-12-31.DB.GBK for a regular backup made on December 31, 2011. For multiple backups made on the same date, a sequence number is also added to the filename.

Database restores done with the Backup/Restore ⇒ Restore Database menu option, the Backup/Restore ⇒ Restore Emailed Backup menu option, or the Backup/Restore ⇒ Restore Non-Backup Database menu option now all check that the data in the database being restored is not older than the data in your current database. If it is older (which means that you will lose some recent data by doing the restore!) you are warned about this, and asked whether you still wish to proceed.

The Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Reminder Frequency menu option has been renamed to Backup Frequency and Options. The window that comes up for it now also includes options for whether to retain all backups made in a given drive or directory, or to only retain a specific number of the latest backups made in a given drive or directory. (This is helpful because with the new naming of backups that includes the date, multiple backups will tend to accumulate in your backup drive/directory.)


Other Changes in this Release


Sometimes the program would prompt you about having to check which country you were working in, in order to confirm the correct receipt style to use, when it did not have to do so, for example when you had moved the program to another computer and restored a database backup. Now it only prompts you about that when it really does need to do so, because you are setting the program up for the first time.

A number of reports, which are supposed to be in the portrait orientation (rather than landscape), could have come out in landscape instead if the user's printer was set to default to landscape. They have been changed, to force them to use portrait orientation, so that they will print as they were designed.

Fixed a problem where clicking the Submit button in the Submit Registration Information window (accessed via Tools ⇒ Register Online, or from the startup prompt asking whether you have registered) could crash DONATION, giving the "This program has stopped working" message.


Fixes in Version 3.39e (December 1, 2011):


Made slight alterations to the windows for sending an email to request a license key, or to request an evaluation extension, to separate out the un-editable part of the request from an optional comments section (for a license key request) or a required reason for the request (for an evaluation extension).

Added a window for prompting users who have not yet registered to do so, or to say that they have already done so, as part of the program's startup.


Fixes in Version 3.39d (November 15, 2011):


Added a new mail merge code «else», that can optionally be used between the «if:FIELDNAME» and «endif» codes, to provide alternative content.

Put the Load SQL button back onto the reports-viewing window, for use in unusual circumstances. (Its features, and that of the Save SQL button that was not put back on, were mostly replaced by the Memorized Reports feature added in version 3.38, at which time those two buttons were removed.)

Fixed a problem where the organization name printed on the built-in receipts could have some characters at the end cut off, because the font size was too large, especially when the organization name is all capital letters.

Fixed a problem in the Membership Plus conversion, where if there were certain inconsistencies in the donation data (which Membership Plus splits between several database tables) the conversion would fail.


Fixes in Version 3.39c (October 29, 2011):


Addressed another problem when converting data from Wincrafters Church Assistant, where there could have been duplicated donations in its data due to a bug in Church Assistant. In that case, the conversion process prompts with an option to delete those duplicated donations.


Fixes in Version 3.39b (October 29, 2011):


Fixed a problem when converting data from Wincrafters Church Assistant, where the conversion would fail if there was a duplicate donation category name in the Church Assistant data.

Addressed another problem in that conversion from Wincrafters Church Assistant, where the donation data in Church Assistant, which should have all been for the current year, contained some data in another year. In that case, the conversion process prompts with an option to convert it to the current year.


Fixes in Version 3.39 (October 22, 2011):


The Find Donor window now allows you to find by phone number or address, as well as by name or member/envelope number as it previously did. It also allows you to find by a combination of any of those four fields.

In the One Date Batch Entry window, added a popup tooltip, when you hover your mouse over the Name field for a donor, that displays the donor's phone number and address, if they have been filled in.

Renamed the Tools ⇒ Register by Email menu option to Register Online, and changed it so that it forwards the information on your window to the REGISTER page on the web site, which you can then review and Submit there.

If you try to delete a donor that has donations, you have always received an error message saying that is not allowed. That error message has been expanded, to explain how to delete it, by first deleting the donations and then the donor, or by using the Database ⇒ Merge Duplicate Donors menu option.


Fixes in Version 3.38c (September 19, 2011):


When entering donation dates on the main window, you can now enter only the month and day parts, and leave off the year - the program will fill in the year for you. For instance, if your date format is MM/dd/yyyy, and you enter 1/31 when you are working on the 2011 year, it will replace it with 1/31/2011 when you press Tab or click out of the field.

Fixed a bug that prevented users making Evaluation Extension requests from putting in a reason for the request, because the field that contained the request and the prompt for the reason was not editable.

Fixed a bug introduced by a recent version, where you could not always successfully save changes to the Pledge Type on the Pledges tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window.


Fixes in Version 3.38b (September 5, 2011):


Added two new reports under Reports ⇒ One Date Donation: Details with Description, and Details with Mbr/Env # and Description. These are like the corresponding existing Details reports except for the addition of the donation description field (which requires them to then be printed in landscape mode, in order to have enough room for all of the fields).

Added a new report under Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ All Donations: Sort by Date, with Description. This is just like the Sort by Date report except for the addition of the donation description field.

Fixed a bug introduced by a change in version 3.38, where when you try to use the Email/Print button on statement reports or built-in receipts, the "Printing to PDF File" window would appear but would never close, so the emailing didn't work.

Fixed another bug introduced by a change in version 3.38, where if that version was the first version that was ever installed on your computer, saving reports to PDF files and emailing reports, receipts, or letters, would not work properly.

Added the capability to convert data from Membership Plus versions 8, 9 and 11.

Fixed a problem in the Membership Plus conversion, where it was not correctly handling missing fund names (what DONATION calls donation category descriptions).

In the Save As window for reports, the option of displaying a report saved as tab-separated text in Excel was removed, because Excel wasn't opening-separated text files properly – it was cramming most of the columns together into Excel's first column.

Corrected a problem where mail merging letters or receipts could fail to properly handle Unicode characters (for example characters in non-English character sets).


Fixes in Version 3.38 (August 13, 2011):


Introduced memorized reports (not available in the Lite version), which allow you to memorize either built-in reports, with custom Sorts and Filters, or Custom Reports (or SQL Selects). You can then re-run them later with Reports ⇒ Memorized Reports.

Fixed a longstanding annoyance when saving reports or built-in receipts to PDF files (or emailing them, which also saves them to PDF), that you had to run DONATION as Administrator on some versions of Windows. That is no longer a problem - you can run DONATION normally, and all PDFs work.

Changed Reports ⇒ Receipt ⇒ All Receipts, so that if you are displaying the Eligible Amount field in the Donation Details area (as determined on the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options), both the Total Amount and the Eligible Amount of each receipt appear on that report.

Changed so you can email both Individual Donation and Donor mail-merge letters. (Previously those two types couldn't be sent by email, although all other types could.)

Fixed a bug which could happen when you email any mail-merge letters or receipts created with Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing, but only occurred if you have Internet Explorer version 9 installed on your computer. The bug was that the email merges would fail, with a message to the effect of "The mail merge was apparently not completed successfully for sending the email to the email address ... because the contents of the «Name» field were not found in the merged document", or "Null object reference at line 11 in function of_get_body_html of object u_web_browser".

Fixed another bug where you would get that same message, and email merges would fail, in the unexpected situation where your template document being merged didn't contain the «Name» field.

Included a newer version of the novaPDF printer driver, so it will be re-installed with any full install of DONATION (though not with an update, through Help ⇒ Check for Updates). There are no important new features in this, so it is not a concern that novaPDF is not updated by an update to the program.

Fixed two problems in the Membership Plus conversion. First, it would not convert if the first line of the organization address was missing. Second, it was not correctly detecting duplicate donation category names, which are possible in Membership Plus, or correctly fixing them.

Fixed a problem when converting data from Wincrafters Church Assistant, where a blank donation category could be imported from it into DONATION, if it was present in the Church Assistant data.

Fixed a bug where the «DetailsTable» mail merge field could not be retrieved for Pledge letters, when your short date format was DD/MM/YYYY, rather than the more common MM/DD/YYYY. (This bug does not occur with the standard Simple Annual Pledge type, only the newer Annual with Start Date and Category or Multi-Year pledge types.)


Fixes in Version 3.37d (June 15, 2011):


Fixed a problem that occurs only for users whose first install of DONATION on their current computer was version 3.37c, where after you add a new donor, if you switch away from it on the Donor List then come back to it, its details don't appear in the Donor Details area on the right.


Fixes in Version 3.37c (May 19, 2011):


Put in protection against an unlikely but possible problem when converting data from the program The Church Assistant from Wincrafters, where you could end up apparently working in the year 0!


Fixes in Version 3.37b (May 4, 2011):


Fixed some bugs in Membership Plus conversions, when there is odd or too-long data in Membership Plus. Also, added a question in that conversion, asking whether to skip importing members (donors) that had no donations in the last two years of data.

Added conversion from Membership Plus versions 7, 10 (2007) and 12.


Fixes in Version 3.37 (April 23, 2011):


Made some fixes that may prevent errors when converting data from the program The Church Assistant from Wincrafters.

Added conversion of data from versions 5 or 6 of Membership Plus, via the Database ⇒ Import ⇒ From Membership Plus menu option.


Fixes in Version 3.36b (April ???, 2011):


Added the capability to import PAR donations (the United Church of Canada's Pre-Authorized Remittance program), through the new Database ⇒ Import ⇒ PAR Donations menu option.


Fixes in Version 3.36 (April 10, 2011):


Added the capability to convert data from the program The Church Assistant from Wincrafters, when you are running DONATION for the first time.

Moved the three Importing menu options on the Database menu to a new Database ⇒ Import sub-menu.

Added a menu option Database ⇒ Import ⇒ From Church Assistant, which gives another way to import data from The Church Assistant if it was not done on the initial startup of DONATION.


Fixes in Version 3.35c (April 2, 2011):


Fixed a bug introduced by version 3.35, where both Current Donation Information and Total Donations Information mail merges would fail, if your Short Date format set in Control Panel's Regional and Language Options tool was dd/MM/yyyy.


Fixes in Version 3.35b (March 23, 2011):


Fixed a bug introduced by version 3.35, where if you run the Current Donor report under DONATION REPORTS in Reports ⇒ Report Browser, it crashes the program. (Running it from the menu option Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Current Donor still worked.)

Fixed a bug introduced by version 3.35, where running Reports ⇒ Category ⇒ Donor Category 1 or Donor Category 2 (or running the same reports from the Report Browser) crash the program.


Fixes in Version 3.35 (March 22, 2011):


Changes related to Pledges


Added a new Pledges tab to Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options, which allows for more complex single-year pledging (with a start date and a pledge  category) or multi-year pledging (with a start date, number of years, pledge category, schedule of year-by-year pledge amounts etc.).

Added five new reports to the Reports Pledge sub-menu, which appear only if the new pledging type is set to Multi-Year. Also added a new report, Reports Pledge Current Donor Details, for all pledging types.

Added support for the new pledge-related fields in Custom Reports, and a new Pledge Information type letter in mail-merge letters (which can also be sent to donors by email).

Greatly updated the help topic on Pledges in Donation, and added some additional help pages to reflect all of these changes.


Other Changes


Added an option in both the Receipt ⇒ Current Donor Duplicate/Corrected and Receipt ⇒ Duplicate/Corrected Receipt by Number menu options, to not change the receipt status to Duplicate or Corrected. This option is to be used only if the original receipt has not been sent to the donor.

Added a new menu option, Database ⇒ Delete Latest Year, for deleting the latest year of data in the database, if you have created it in error, and haven't yet entered any donations or created any receipts in that year.

Renamed the menu option Help ⇒ Help Contents to Contents and Index, to make it clear you can find the Index of the Help there as well.

Fixed a bug where a logo or signature file that is an invalid graphics file (or perhaps in some cases that is missing) can cause the program to crash when clicking the "Select Logo and Signature Images" button in Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options or when doing certain actions in the window that comes up.

Logo and signature images now automatically transfer with a database moved to another computer.

Logo and signature images set on any of the computers in a network setup of DONATION (network server or network client) will automatically be picked up and used by all of the other computers in the network setup, the next time DONATION is started on those other computers.

Changed reports, so that if you both Sort them and Filter them, the description of the Filter is added to the header of the report, rather than the description of the Sort. (I decided it was more important to know how the report's data had been restricted than how the report had been re-sorted, which is probably more directly obvious anyways.)

Fixed a tiny annoyance when you Filter reports, namely that the filter criteria redisplayed n the header of the report would have odd capitalization.

Re-arranged the options on the Database menu, to put the options for deleting data near the bottom.

Fixed the Help topic on Importing Donations, to state that the Description field has a limit of 50 characters (it was shown as having no limit). In addition, fixed the program to correctly enforce that limit. (Previously the program incorrectly thought the limit was 80 characters, and for lengths in between 50 and 80, would give a techie error message and quit the import attempt.)

When you are either Importing Donors or Importing Donations, fixed a very small problem where text fields being imported that had quotation marks in them, which had been exported from Excel or other programs, might end up with those quotation marks being doubled in some circumstances.

Fixed a problem where DONATION would not install on Windows XP Home edition (which fortunately very few users have!). The problem was that Windows XP Home normally cannot create folders under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents, where DONATION usually puts the Data Directory under Windows XP. When this problem occurs, DONATION will now instead put the Data Directory under C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data.

Fixed a small bug in the Database ⇒ Copy Missing Donors menu options, where if a donor being copied from one year to another had an email address, that email address was omitted in the copied record in the other year.

Fixed a small bug in the Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing menu option, that only appeared if you were using the option to export the merge data to a file instead of doing the merge in DONATION. In that case, if you were doing an Individual Donation information merge, any Appraiser Name and Appraiser Address would not be exported. And if you were doing a Gift in Kind Receipt information merge, any Donation Description, Appraiser Name and Appraiser Address would not be exported.


Fixes in Version 3.34b (January 31, 2011):


The empty database used by new users delivered with version 3.34 was missing some new pledge-related fields in the Donor table, and as a result new Donors could not be created and saved in the database. That is now fixed.


Fixes in Version 3.34 (January 30, 2011):


Fixed a bug when using the Email/Print function to email receipts or statements to donors, where if a PDF print failed, it could send a previously created PDF receipt or statement, for a different donor, to the donor.

When emailing receipts or statements, if you have selected "Email receipts only to yourself, for testing" in the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, the Name it is apparently sent to is now the donor's name, not your name, but it is still sent to your email address. (That can help you confirm that the right attached receipt or statement would be sent to the right donor, when doing this testing.)

Added Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Summary by Date and Category, which gives a summary by category of all donations, for each date in the current year in which there were donations. This might be used to help reconcile with your accounting program.

Created a new Reports ⇒ Pledge sub-menu. Moved Reports ⇒ Donor ⇒ Donation Info ⇒ Totals and Pledges by Name to this new sub-menu, and renamed it to Current Year Pledges and Totals. (This is in anticipation of upcoming enhancements to pledging, which will introduce further pledge-related reports.)

Fixed a problem where if the novaPDF printer is not installed properly, or the installation has become damaged in some way, when you go to print a report to your regular printer, you could get the error message "Error at line 11 in wf_license_pdf event of nvo_pdf_control", and the report would not print.

Fixed a bug in the Maintenance ⇒ Donor Category 1 and Donor Category 2 menu options, where a category value of "NR" alone would show as non-receiptable in this window, even though it wouldn't actually be treated that way for donors assigned that category value, when creating receipts.


Fixes in Version 3.33j (January 18, 2011):


Fixed a bug where when the program reloads a new database, for instance after restoring a database backup, or switching databases, it didn't properly reload the per-database settings visible in the Tools ⇒ View Saved Settings window, under the "Current Database settings stored in the Database" heading. Instead, it just stuck with the settings from the prior database you were in. An example of a problem this could cause is with the Starting Receipt Number from the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, which you might have had different values for in different database.

The program now comes with a newer version of the 3rd-party control used for sending emails (Chilkat Mail), which could resolve problems for some users.


Fixes in Version 3.33i (January 13, 2011):


Fixed a bug in the Maintenance ⇒ Change Year ⇒ Previous Year and Next Year menu options, where they would not work if you had over 32,767 donations in the current year's data.


Fixes in Version 3.33h (January 10, 2011):


Update the detection of Microsoft Word to work with Word XP (2002), so that the "Edit in Microsoft Word" option appears in the mail-merge editor. Make a similar change for detecting the availability of Excel XP (2002), for example for editing files saved from the Save As button in reports.

In the Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing menu option, if you choose the option to just export the data to a file instead of doing the mail merge, and if you have Excel installed, you will now be given an option to open the exported file in Excel.


Fixes in Version 3.33g (January 10, 2011):


The installation program, when it was upgrading an existing installation, previously deleted the desktop icon for DONATION before the install, and recreated it after the install. In the unusual cases where there was an error during the install, this could leave you with no icon so you couldn't run the program easily. Now, it doesn't delete the icon until after a successful install, so this problem should not be able to occur.

When you use the Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration menu option, if you are trying to configure it based on an email address, it now gives you an option to go to Verizon's web page to determine the correct settings. (There are multiple options under Verizon, and there is no way for DONATION to detect the correct one for you.)

When you use the Help ⇒ Check for Updates menu option, if for some reason it can't run the downloaded installation file, it now gives you detailed instructions on how to run it yourself.


Fixes in Version 3.33f (January 8, 2011):


When using the Email/Print action for emailing statements or receipts, if a donor in the middle of the batch to be emailed has an invalid email address that causes an error, give an option to continue on with the next one regardless. (Previously it would always stop after an error.)

In both the Letters ⇒ One Letter menu option and the Letters ⇒ Mass Mailing menu option, when the document file (template) field is not editable because you selected "use standard filenames", you can now click into it and move through it to see the start and end if it is a long pathname. And it will always by default be shown scrolled to its end, so you can see the filename part.

Make the filename being viewed or editing in the mail merge editor easier to read.

The mail merge field "SignatoryName" is now allowed in all types of merges (previously it was only allowed in Donation Information and Receipt Information merges).

When printing envelopes for donors or receipts, change the margins from 0.25" to 0.5", in the hopes that it will fix a problem some users have where after every envelope, it prints a blank one.


Fixes in Version 3.33e (January 2, 2011):


In both the Database ⇒ Import Donors menu option and the Database ⇒ Import Donations menu option, allow Excel files (*.xls or *.xlsx) to be imported, as well as the tab-separated text files that were previously the only option.

Show page numbers on Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Current Donor, and allow its details section to be exported with the "Raw Unformatted Data" option of the Save As button's window.

Fixed a minor and subtle bug that only affects users in the USA, running either Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Summary by Paid By or Reports ⇒ One Date Donation ⇒ Summary. If you had one or more donors with actual check numbers entered into the Check # / Paid By field for their donations, and one or more other donors with "Check" entered into that field, then in the summaries by Paid By in those reports, there would be two lines for "Check", rather than the expected one line.


See Also: Revision History - Latest Version, Revision History 2007 to 2010, Revision History - Earlier Versions


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